Goldilocks (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Teen Titans Vol. 3 #35 (June 2006)
Created by Geoff Johns
Tony Daniel
In-story information
Team affiliations Brotherhood of Evil
Abilities Goldilocks' golden tresses of hair can expand and contract at will. Her hair is incredibly strong

Goldilocks is a fictional character, a DC Comics supervillain.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Debuting in Teen Titans vol.3, #35 during One Year Later, Goldilocks is recruited by the villain Brain and Monsieur Mallah to join the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil. She is recruited at the same time as Elephant Man.

With a fairy-tale personality, she wants Robin to be her "Prince Charming" and has a twisted idea of what constitutes a "Happy Ending". Goldilocks is also the younger sister of British superheroine Godiva, who had, at one time, similar hair-related powers.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Mental control over durable hair.