Goldimouse and the Three Cats

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Goldimouse and the Three Cats
Looney Tunes series
Directed by Friz Freleng
Produced by John W. Burton
Story by Michael Maltese
Narrated by June Foray
Voices by Mel Blanc June Foray
Music by Milt Franklyn
Animation by Gerry Chiniquy
Virgil Ross
Arthur Davis
Layouts by Hawley Pratt
Backgrounds by Tom O'Loughlin
Studio Warner Bros. Cartoons
Release date(s) March 19, 1960 (1960-03-19)

Goldimouse and the Three Cats is a 1959 Looney Tunes fairy tale animated cartoon released on March 19, 1960. It is one of few cartoons where storyboard man Michael Maltese did the storylines for cartoons from the Freleng unit for the first time since the late 1940s, the only Freleng directed Sylvester cartoon to costar Sylvester Jr., and one of two cartoons where Sylvester is married.

This cartoon was included the 1982 feature film Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales.


In a cottage lives the Three Cats: Sylvester (father cat), Mrs. Sylvester (mother cat), and Sylvester Jr. (baby cat alias "Spoiled Brat" as Sylvester calls him). Sylvester finds his porridge is too hot and Mrs. Sylvester finds her porridge too cold, but Sylvester Jr. complains on why they're having to eat porridge instead of mice like other cats. Sylvester suggests that they go for a walk in the woods to wait for the porridge to cool down (commenting "Now where have I heard that before?").

While they are away, Goldimouse (a mouse with curly blonde locks and also voiced by June Foray) enters the house through a tiny door, spies the porridge, and eats it. Afterwards, Goldimouse feels sleepy and tries all three beds and finds Sylvester Jr.'s just right, so Goldimouse takes it and goes to sleep.

Later on, Sylvester and his family return from their walk and discover Goldimouse's handiwork. While going through the whole "Somebody's been eating my porridge" and "Somebody's been sleeping in my bed" bit, Sylvester Jr. is relieved that his porridge is all gone and that the intruder in his bed is a mouse. When he says this, Goldimouse wakes up, freaks out at the sight of Sylvester Jr., and turns to Sylvester for help, but notices he too is a cat and escapes out the tiny door.

At his son's insistence, Sylvester tries to get Goldimouse out of the mousehole, but she thwarts his multiple attempts. After Sylvester's latest failure to rid Goldimouse with explosives, Sylvester brings Junior his breakfast consisting of a bowl of porridge and puts it on his head.

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