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Goldrunner Amiga Cover.jpg
Programmer(s)Steve Bak[1]
Artist(s)Pete Lyon
Composer(s)Rob Hubbard
Platform(s)Atari ST (original)
Genre(s)Vertically scrolling shooter
Mode(s)1-2 players alternating

Goldrunner is a vertically scrolling shooter published developed by Steve Bak[1] and Pete Lyon for the Atari ST and published by Microdeal in 1987. Rob Hubbard composed the music. An Amiga version followed. A sequel, Goldrunner II, was released in 1988.[2]


Goldrunner is a freely vertically scrolling shooter game where it is possible to fly back and forth as in Defender. The player is steering a golden spaceship equipped with two laser cannons, flying over huge ring worlds whose structures must be destroyed. The ship has a speed booster to accelerate.


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