Goldstar (beer)

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TypeIsraeli lager
Introduced1950; 69 years ago (1950)
Alcohol by volume4.9%
VariantsGoldstar Unfiltered, Goldstar Black Roast, Goldstar Light

Goldstar (Hebrew: גולדסטאר) is an Israeli brand of 4.9% abv lager brewed by Tempo in Netanya. It is marketed as a dark lager beer ("בירה לאגר כהה"), though it is amber in appearance.[1]

Goldstar beer from the tap.JPG


According to Tempo Beer Industries, Goldstar was developed by brewmaster Menachem Berliner in 1950 and was the first Israeli draft beer.[2] It was among the products acquired by Tempo in 1985.[3]


Goldstar is considered Tempo's "flagship brand". Certified kosher,[4] it is currently the top-selling beer in Israel.[5]

Advertising and sponsorship[edit]

A number of celebrity images have been used to advertise the beer, ranging from Paul Newman[6] to Claudia Schiffer.[2] More recently, Tempo has faced media criticism for "sexist" advertising.[7]

Goldstar is the title sponsor of the Goldstar Zappa Sound System music festival.[8]


The Forward called Goldstar and several other beers commonly consumed in Israel "light, easy-drinking beers — the stuff zayde might drink on a hot day".[9] However, Haaretz has referred to Goldstar as "beer few Israelis are proud of".[10]


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