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For Richard Goldstone's investigations regarding Israel and Gaza, see United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict.

The Goldstone Commission, formally known as the Commission of Inquiry Regarding the Prevention of Public Violence and Intimidation, was appointed to investigate political violence and intimidation that occurred between July 1991 and the 1994 general election that ended apartheid in South Africa.[1]

The Commission played a critical role in defusing the political violence that erupted when apartheid in South Africa began eroding in the late 1980s as the country moved toward its first democratic elections, and concluded that political violence was fuelled by a 'third force'.

Appointed by then president F. W. de Klerk on 24 October 1991, the commission submitted 47 reports to the State President. It was chaired by Justice Richard Goldstone, and the remaining commissioners were Adv. Danie Rossouw, SC (Vice-Chairman), Adv. Solly Sithole, Ms Lillian Baqwa, and Mr Gert Steyn.

Notable reports were on the violence affecting Crossroads, and Nyanga[2] and the Storming of the Kempton Park World Trade Centre.[3]