Golf at the 1904 Summer Olympics – Men's team

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Men's team golf
at the Games of the III Olympiad
Venue Glen Echo Golf Club
Date September 17, 1904
Competitors 30 from 1 nation
1st, gold medalist(s) Western Golf Association
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Trans-Mississippi Golf Association
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) United States Golf Association
 United States

The men's team was a golf event held as part of the Golf at the 1904 Summer Olympics programme. It was the only time a team golf event was held at the Olympics. Three teams of 10 golfers each, all from the United States, competed. The competition was held on September 17, 1904.


The IOC medalist database lists an American team as winning the bronze medal. Like all other teams in the database, the team is not named beyond "United States of America III" (the gold and silver medal teams are I and II, respectively).

Originally only two teams showed up for this event. However, a number of other players were available and formed a team at the last minute. As they were all members of the U.S.G.A. member golf club, they competed under the title of that organization.

Western Golf Association

Edward Cummins
Kenneth Edwards
Chandler Egan
Walter Egan
Robert Hunter
Nathaniel Moore
Mason Phelps
Daniel Sawyer
Clement Smoot
Warren Wood

Trans-Mississippi Golf Association

John Cady
Albert Lambert
John Maxwell
Burt McKinnie
Ralph McKittrick
Francis Newton
Henry Potter
Frederick Semple
Stuart Stickney
William Stickney

United States Golf Association

Douglass Cadwallader
Jesse Carleton
Harold Fraser
Arthur Hussey
Orus Jones
Allan Lard
George Oliver
Simeon Price
John Rahm
Harold Weber


Individual results[edit]

The individual results for the 10 golfers on each team were summed to determine the team standings.

Place Player Score Team Team
1  Chandler Egan (USA) 165 WGA Gold
2  Douglass Cadwallader (USA) 168 USGA Bronze
 Daniel Sawyer (USA) 168 WGA Gold
4  Robert Hunter (USA) 169 WGA Gold
5  Kenneth Edwards (USA) 170 WGA Gold
6  Allan Lard (USA) 172 USGA Bronze
 Francis Newton (USA) 172 TMGA Silver
 Henry Potter (USA) 172 TMGA Silver
 Clement Smoot (USA) 172 WGA Gold
10  Warren Wood (USA) 173 WGA Gold
11  Ralph McKittrick (USA) 174 TMGA Silver
12  Jesse Carleton (USA) 175 USGA Bronze
 Albert Lambert (USA) 175 TMGA Silver
14  Frederick Semple (USA) 176 TMGA Silver
15  Mason Phelps (USA) 177 WGA Gold
 Stuart Stickney (USA) 177 TMGA Silver
17  Burt McKinnie (USA) 178 TMGA Silver
 William Stickney (USA) 178 TMGA Silver
19  Walter Egan (USA) 180 WGA Gold
20  Simeon Price (USA) 181 USGA Bronze
21  John Maxwell (USA) 182 TMGA Silver
22  Harold Weber (USA) 183 USGA Bronze
23  John Cady (USA) 186 TMGA Silver
 John Rahm (USA) 186 USGA Bronze
25  Edward Cummins (USA) 187 WGA Gold
 Arthur Hussey (USA) 187 USGA Bronze
 Orus Jones (USA) 187 USGA Bronze
28  Nathaniel Moore (USA) 188 WGA Gold
29  Harold Fraser (USA) 194 USGA Bronze
30  George Oliver (USA) 206 USGA Bronze

Team scores[edit]

Place Team Score
Gold  United States (USA)
Western Golf Association
Silver  United States (USA)
Trans-Mississippi Golf Association
Bronze  United States (USA)
United States Golf Association


Coordinates: 38°42′04″N 90°18′02″W / 38.70111°N 90.30056°W / 38.70111; -90.30056