Goliarda Sapienza

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Goliarda Sapienza
Born(1924-05-10)10 May 1924
Died30 August 1996(1996-08-30) (aged 72)
Occupationactress and writer

Goliarda Sapienza (10 May 1924 – 30 August 1996) was an Italian actress and writer.


Goliarda Sapienza was born 10 May 1924 in Catania. Her mother was Maria Guidice, a prominent socialist, her father Peppino Sapienza, a socialist lawyer.[1] As a child, Goliarda Sapienza reenacted films she had seen in cinema. In 1941 she and her mother went to Rome, where she studied theatre. She worked as an actor in both films and plays, but from 1958 she focused on writing.[2]

Her now famous novel L’arte della gioia (The Art of Joy) was finished in 1976 but rejected by publishers because of its length (over 700 pages) and its portrayal of a woman unrestrained by conventional morality and traditional feminine roles. It was first published by her husband Angelo Pellegrino after her death.[3]

Goliarda Sapienza died 30 August 1996 in Gaeta.



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  • L'arte della gioia. 1998. (The Art of Joy)
  • Io, Jean Gabin. 2010.
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  • Tre pièces e soggetti cinematografici. 2014.


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