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Goliath was the dog companion of Davey in the Lutheran stop motion cartoon, Davey and Goliath, 1960–1975.

Goliath served as the boy, Davey Hansen's, conscience.[1] While Goliath could not speak, Davey and the audience could hear his thoughts. This was integral in Davey and Goliath's learning a love for God through everyday events.[2][3]


The series was spoofed in a 2001 Mountain Dew commercial, with permission from Clokey Productions on the condition that the profits from that commercial be used to fund a long-awaited holiday special. In the resulting "Davey & Goliath's Snowboard Christmas" special of 2004, Davey and Goliath make a reprise in a lesson about tolerance and learning of different religion's holiday traditions, Jewish Hanukkah, Christian Christmas, and Muslim Ramadan.[1]

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