Golijska Moravica

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Golijska Moravica (Голијска Моравица)
Country Serbia
Basin features
Main source Golija mountain, northeast of Sjenica, Serbia
River mouth with the Đetinja forms the Zapadna Morava, east of Požega, Serbia
Basin size 1,486 km2 (574 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 98 km (61 mi)

The Golijska Moravica or simply Moravica (Serbian Cyrillic: Голијска Моравица or Моравица) is a river in western Serbia. With a length of 98 km, it is the longer headstream of the Zapadna Morava (it forms it with the Đetinja), and thus, of the Velika Morava. Its name, Moravica, means little Morava in Serbian, and it also gives its name to the surrounding region and the modern Moravica District of Serbia.

Stari Vlah[edit]

The Golijska Moravica originates from the western slopes of the Golija mountain and flows straight to the north, between the Golija and Javor mountains, through the Stari Vlah region. Even though the area in the lower course is sparsely populated, there are many hamlets on the river, characteristically organized in clusters. More important are the villages of Sakovići, Gazdovići, Kumanica, Međurečje (where it receives the Nošnica from the left) and Čitluk.

Ivanjica depression[edit]

The Golijska Morava enters the Ivanjica depression, located between the mountains of Čemerno on the east, and Mučanj on the west. This is where it receives the Lučka reka from the right and Grabovička reka from the left and flows through the town of Ivanjica, its suburbs of Bedina Varoš and Šume, the satellite earth station of Prilike and the village of Dubrava. At the end of the depression, the Golijska Moravica passes next to the monastery of Sveti Arhanđeli, as it continues to the north.

Arilje depression & Tašti field[edit]

From Ivanjica depression, the Golijska Moravica flows into the Arilje depression, located between the mountains of Golubac (on the east) and Blagaja (on the west), where it receives the Trešnjevica from the right (at the village of Divljaka), and its major tributary, the Rzav from the right, near the town of Arilje, which itself used to be called Moravica in medieval period.

In the final section, the Golijska Morava reaches the Tašti field, located between the mountains of Blagaja, Krstac and Crnokosa, east of the town of Požega. Near the village of Pilatovići, the Golijska Morava meets the Đetinja and together they form the Zapadna Morava, longer headwater of the Velika Morava.

The Golijska Moravica drains an area of 1,486 km², belongs to the Black Sea drainage area and it is not navigable. The river's potential for power production is not used.


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