Golmud Railway Station

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Coordinates: 36°22′58″N 94°54′21″E / 36.38278°N 94.90583°E / 36.38278; 94.90583

Golmud railway station
The station as seen from the platform

Golmud Railway Station, Geermu Railway Station or Ge'ermu Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 格尔木站; traditional Chinese: 格爾木站; pinyin: Gé'ěrmù Zhàn) is the main railway station of Golmud in Qinghai (China). The station is located at 2829 m above sea level at 36°22′58.60″N 94°54′22.60″E / 36.3829444°N 94.9062778°E / 36.3829444; 94.9062778.

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