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The Golok River (Thai: แม่น้ำโกลก, rtgsMaenam Kolok, Thai pronunciation: [mɛ̂ːnáːm koːlók]; Malay: Sungai Golok) is a river that lies on the border between Malaysia and Thailand. It is spanned only by the Malaysian-Thai Friendship Bridge. The name of the river in Malay is Sungei Golok, meaning "River of Swords".[1]

It borders the Malaysian state of Kelantan and the Thai province of Narathiwat. The friendship bridge connects the Malaysian town of Rantau Panjang and the Thai town of Sungai Golok. Rantau Panjang is a duty-free zone.[1]

The river flows into the Gulf of Thailand at Tak Bai district, Narathiwat Province. It floods seasonally with the monsoon.[1] An unusually large flood occurred on 21 December 2009, causing an evacuation of parts of Kelantan.[2]

The river originates in mountainous area of Waeng district then flow through Su-ngai Kolok and Tak Bai districts. It is 103 kilometres (64 mi) long.

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