Golu Hadawatha

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Golu Hadawatha
Directed by Lester James Peiris
Produced by P. E. E. Anthonypillai
Written by Reggie Siriwardena
Karunasena Jayalath (book)
Starring Wickrema Bogoda
Anula Karunathilake
Music by Premasiri Khemadasa
Cinematography M.S. Anandan
Edited by Sumitra Gunawardena
Edwin Leetin
Release date
Country Sri Lanka
Language Sinhala

Golu Hadawatha (Translation: Silence of the Heart) was a popular 1969 Sinhalese language romance film directed by maestro Lester James Peiris. The film stars Wickrema Bogoda and Anula Karunathilake in the lead roles. Based on a novel by Karunasena Jayalath, its screenplay was written by Regi Siriwardena. Music was by Premasiri Khemadasa. The first half of the film depicts the story though the eyes of Sugath and the next half the audience see the story through the eyes of Dammi. The film departs from the normal recipe of Hero, heroine, villain, joker, songs, fights etc. and was regarded as one of the landmarks in Sri Lankan Cinema.

Indrani Wijebandara and Sisira Senaratne duo sang a duet "Aadarei mama Aadarei - Dhammi thavamath aadarei, Sugath thavamath aadarei", in which, the words were composed by Karunasena Jayalath, became quite a popular radio song after the movie but was not sung for the film, and not in it.

It was awarded the Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress of the year at the prestigious Sarasaviya Awards Festival. The film, which depicts the love affair between two school going teenagers, created a sensation among Sri Lankan film lovers, both young and old, and is considered a landmark in the history of Sri Lankan cinema.[1]

The original script was being written by Piyasiri Gunaratne and Karunasena Jayalath. Before being finished, Piyasiri Gunaratna casually mentioned he was working on the script to Lester James Peiris. A few weeks later, the newspapers announced Lester James Peiris was about to shoot the film. It came out that Mr. Pieris took advantage of the situation, took over the script from Karunasena Jayalath and so de facto stole the script as well as the film from Piyasiri Gunaratne.


Damayanthi Kariyawasam (Dhammi) (Anula Karunathilake) is a mischievous school girl. Sugath Weerasekara (Wickrema Bogoda) is a shy and introverted boy who is new to Dhammi's school. He is quiet and gifted at schoolwork. Dhammi is immediately attracted to him and they become friends. The friendship eventually develops into a special relationship.[2]

Sugath, who has lost his parents when he was very young, has a brother who is attending university. He tells his brother, Sarath (Wijeratne Warakagoda) about his relationship with Dhammi.

On the day of the final exam, Dhammi tells Sugath not to keep any further hopes about her.

Sugath is heartbroken and comes home to meet Sarath. In the meantime, he passes his exams with flying colors and Sarath marries Champa (Sriyani Amarasena), who is willing to accept Sugath as her own brother.

But Sugath is unable to forget Dhammi, and keeps thinking about her and begins to drink heavily to alleviate his pain. He also loses his job as a teacher and leaves the home he shares with his brother's family.

One day, Dhammi comes to meet Sugath and reveals the secret for her sudden change. She tells Sugath that she loved him despite knowing that she would never have the chance to become his wife. She begs for forgiveness from him for playing with his feelings and asks him to change for her sake. Dejected, Sugath returns home, broken-hearted.


Actor Role
Wickrema Bogoda Sugath Weerasekera
Anula Karunatileke Damayanthi
Wijeratne Warakagoda Sarath
Sriyani Amarasena Champa


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