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GomSpace is a globally leading manufacturer and supplier of nanosatellite solutions for customers in the academic, government and commercial markets. GomSpace's positions of strength include systems integration, nanosatellite platforms and advanced miniaturised radio technology. The company serves customers in more than 50 countries and is also a key partner for ESA in the development of formation-flying nanosatellites, and within this framework, ESA is one of the company's customers.[1] GomSpace miniature satellites have also generated sales for use in telecommunications[2] and natural disaster monitoring.[3] The nanosatellite market is a young but fast growing market where the driving factor is the high cost of bringing mass in to orbit. GomSpace is estimated to own a market share of 15%[4] in the nanosatellite manufacturing sector.


In October 2016, GomSpace bought the Swedish company NanoSpace from the Swedish Space Corporation.[1] NanoSpace is developing MEMS-based miniature ion engines for satellite navigation. Like NASA's Deep Space 1, one uses ionized Xenon as a propellant[5]. In 2018, NanoSpace changed name to GomSpace Sweden.


In July 2018, GomSpace signed a contract with the Spanish company AISTECH for a value of approximately 1.4 million EUR. AISTECH will provide nano-satellite platforms, pre-launch environmental testing services, and other engineering services for GomSpace within the next 12 months of their signed agreement.[6]


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