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Goma can mean:

Goma or GOMA may also refer to:

  • Homa, an ancient Buddhist fire ritual originating in India practiced mainly in the Japanese Shingon sect; goma is the Japanese transliteration
  • Gallery of Modern Art, an art gallery in the centre of Glasgow
  • Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane
  • Goma, "lake" in Algonquian used in North American place names such as Algoma (word)
  • Goma, "sesame" in Japanese, as in gomashio, sesame seeds and salt used as a seasoning
  • Isidro Goma y Tomas, a Spanish Roman Catholic Cardinal
  • Goma, A Full-Newton Finite Element Program for Free and Moving Boundary Problems with Coupled Fluid/Solid Momentum, Energy, Mass, and Chemical Species Transport
  • Goma-2, a high explosive
  • The word for rubber in Spanish, colloquially may also refer to a hangover

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