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Gomidas Institute

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Gomidas Institute
Founded atAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Executive Director
Ara Sarafian

The Gomidas Institute (GI; Armenian: ԿԻ) is an independent academic institution "dedicated to modern Armenian and regional studies."[1] Its activities include research, publications and educational programmes. It publishes documents, monographs, memoirs and other works on modern Armenian history and organizes lectures and conferences. The institute was founded in 1992 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.[1] It is based in London and maintains a United States branch in Cleveland.[1] British-Armenian historian Ara Sarafian serves as its executive director.[2] Since 1998, the institute has been publishing a quarterly journal titled Armenian Forum (ISSN 1091-4714 OCLC 35810656).[3] The institute is named after Komitas (Gomidas in Western Armenian pronunciation).

Noteworthy publications[edit]

Ottoman/Turkish Armenia and the Armenian genocide[edit]

Russian/Soviet/Post-Soviet Armenia and the Caucasus[edit]

  • Carolla, Mario (2011). Vatican Diplomacy and the Armenian Question: The Holy See's Response to the Republic of Armenia, 1918-1922. Translated by Cynthia Quilici. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1903656983.
  • Chrysanthopoulos, Leonidas T. (2002). Caucasus Chronicles: Nation-Building and Diplomacy in Armenia, 1993–1994. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1884630057.
  • Evans, John Marshall (2016). Truth Held Hostage: America and the Armenian Genocide – What Then? What Now?. Foreword by Dickran Kouymjian. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1909382268.
  • Galstyan, Hambardzum (2013). Unmailed Letters. Translated by Agop J. Hacikyan. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1909382015.
  • Grigorian, Sassoon (2016). Smart Nation: A Blueprint for Modern Armenia. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1909382343.
  • Haxthausen, Baron August von (2016) [1854-55]. Transcaucasia and the Tribes of the Caucasus. Translated by John Edward Taylor. Introduction by Pietro A. Shakarian. Foreword by Dominic Lieven. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1909382312.
  • Parrot, Friedrich (2016) [1846]. Journey to Ararat. Translated by William Desborough Cooley. Introduction by Pietro A. Shakarian. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1909382244.
  • Raffi (2010). The Five Melikdoms of Karabagh (1600-1827). Translated by Ara Stepan Melkonian. London: Taderon Press (Gomidas Institute). ISBN 978-1-90-3656-57-0.
  • Shougarian, Rouben (2017). Does Armenia Need a Foreign Policy?. London: Gomidas Institute. ISBN 978-1909382336.
  • Yeghenian, Aghavnie Y. (2013) [1932]. The Red Flag at Ararat. Introduction by Pietro A. Shakarian. London: Sterndale Classics (Gomidas Institute). ISBN 978-1909382022.

Armenian Literature[edit]

Armenian Art and Architecture[edit]

Kurds and Kurdistan[edit]

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