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Industry Software
Founded 2009
Founder Tamir Gefen
Headquarters Petah Tikva, Israel
Website gomidjets.com

GoMidjets is an Israeli source code management and application lifecycle management (ALM) software company. Its main line of products is an enhancement toolbox for IBM Rational Software products.[1]

Company History[edit]

GoMidjets was founded in 2009 by Tamir Gefen, who previously worked with configuration management and ALM projects at the Israeli Air Force.[2] For a long time Gefen was an active participant in IBM DeveloperWorks and in other configuration management forums; he was recognized as the fourth most active DeveloperWorks contributor.[3] After studying the forums' users' most requested features in Rational Software products Gefen started GoMidjets and developed three ClearCase plug-ins according to market needs that he learned and marketed the tools he developed through the forums.[2][4]

The company received the 2010 IBM Beacon Award[5][6][7] and the 2011 IBM Champion Award.[3] It is in a limited partnership with IBM.[8]


  • ClearCheck - Health Checks for Rational ClearCase
  • ClearEnv - Setup Work Environments for Rational ClearCase
  • R&D Reporter (formerly CompBL) - Real-time Visibility and Reporting on ClearCase UCM Projects' Status
  • Visual Annotate - drill-down into the history of any code line in ClearCase files ("blame")


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