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Gondwana Choirs is an Australian national children's choir organisation. It was founded in 1989 as Sydney Children’s Choir by Lyn Williams OAM, who is its artistic director, and is located in Millers Point, New South Wales.

Gondwana Choirs has three divisions, Sydney Children's Choir, Gondwana National Choirs and Gondwana Indigenous Children's Choir,[1] and includes several different choirs:

  • Gondwana Voices: Gondwana Choirs' original choir which caters for children with treble voices aged 10–16 years old. Gondwana Voices has been on several international tours including a 2007 tour to Canada, France and the BBC Proms and a 2011 tour to the United States and Canada. They have also performed at major events such as the Melbourne Commonwealth Games opening and closing ceremonies and recorded several CDs with ABC Classics.
  • Gondwana Chorale: Founded in 2006, the Gondwana Chorale is a SATB choir for singers aged 17–25 years old. The Chorale is designed to cater for ex-Voices members and male singers with changed voices. In 2011 they will undertake their first international tour to New Zealand.
  • Junior Gondwana: Gondwana Choirs' entry-level training choir which caters for children with treble voices aged 10–13 years old.
  • Gondwana Singers: Another training choir for children aged 14–16, designed for singers on the verge of gaining entry into Gondwana Voices or Gondwana Chorale, including boys with changed/changing voices as well as treble voices.
  • Gondwana National Indigenous Children's Choir: Started in 2008 after a collaboration with Gondwana Choirs' Sydney Children's Choir,[2] GNICC caters for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children aged 8–16.[3][4][5]

Gondwana Choirs auditions nationally and meets in January for a two-week camp of intensive rehearsal. Choirs then typically undertake one or more tours during the year.

Gondwana Choirs also runs a Composer School and a Conducting Internship, and commissions works from Australian composers.


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