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Gone series
Gone Michael Grant.jpg
First edition cover of Gone


AuthorMichael Grant
CountryUnited States
Science fiction
Published2008–2013 (Season One)
2017–2019 (Season Two)
Media typePrint (hardcover and paperback)
No. of books9

Gone is a bestselling book series written by Michael Grant.[1]

The series is centered on the fictional Southern Californian town of Perdido Beach, in which every human aged 15 and older vanishes. The town and surrounding areas become encased within an impenetrable barrier that burns to the touch, with many of its inhabitants developing supernatural powers. The books follow the exploits of the protagonist, Sam Temple, as he battles antagonists Caine Soren, Drake Merwin, and Diana Ladris as well as a mysterious, malevolent creature, known as the Darkness or the Gaiaphage (gai-uh-fage) (derived from Gaia, a Greek personification of the Earth, and "phage", from the Greek φαγεῖν phagein "to devour" or "worm").

The first novel in this series, titled Gone, was published in 2008. The second book, Hunger, was released a year later, followed by the third book, Lies, on May 4, 2010. The fourth book, Plague, was released on April 5, 2011. The fifth book, Fear, was released on April 3, 2012, in the United States and the United Kingdom, although it was released as early as March 23 in Australia and Hong Kong. The sixth book, Light, was released on April 2, 2013. The series – "a fun, no-brainer read directed towards teenagers" – has been hailed as "ridiculously popular" and "a sensation in the young adult world". [2][3]

A planned Monster Trilogy, also known as Season Two, began on October 17, 2017 with the release of Monster. It was set four years later from the events that took place in the other books. Villain was released on October 18, 2018 and Hero was released on October 1, 2019.



Every person at the age of 15 or over vanishes from the town of Perdido Beach, causing extreme and great confusion and chaos. Friends Sam Temple, Astrid Ellison and Quinn Gaither set out to explore the area until they discover a barrier cutting the area off from the outside world with a 10 mile radius centered at a nuclear power plant located outside of town. The area within the barrier is nicknamed "Fallout Alley Youth Zone" or "The FAYZ" for short. Exploring this nuclear power plant, the group finds Astrid's severely autistic four-year-old brother Pete, along with a map marking predicted radiation patterns in the case of a meltdown that lines up exactly with the energy barrier. The town children look to Sam as a leader, but chaos ensues. Sam and Pete are revealed to have supernatural powers caused by the power plant's explosion 15 years ago, Sam with the ability to fire a killing light through his hands. though Pete's are still unknown. Upon the group's return to Perdido Beach, its members encounter vehicles bringing students from the nearby Coates Academy. A Coates student, Caine Soren, impresses the townsfolk and he becomes a leader, but Sam and Astrid are suspicious of his motives. Some of the students and others in town have supernatural powers, including Lana Arwen Lazar (who has healing powers). Lana encounters a pack of coyotes that can talk. They take her to a cave, where something the coyotes call "The darkness " lives. Caine, who believes he is the most powerful mutant (with telekinesis), takes a group and returns to Coates Academy, discovering that when persons turn 15, they are confronted by something they desire before vanishing. Feeling threatened, Caine enlists the help of local bullies to kidnap Sam and Astrid. He also discovers that he and Sam are twin brothers and his mom chose Sam! During this time, Quinn starts hanging out with people related to Caine and betrays Sam, telling Caine of his powers. Later, however, Quinn frees Sam and Astrid is freed from Drake, a psychopathic student at Coates Academy, by Pete (who can teleport). Caine instructs Drake to kill Astrid, but Sam saves her. Sam's group (Astrid, Quinn, Pete, and Edilio Escobar, a boy who was in their class) escape town and find Lana. They escape the coyotes but are captured by Drake and imprisoned within Coates Academy. Caine encased the hands of anyone with powers who refused to join their cause, in concrete, as their powers come from their hands. Sam's group escapes Coates Academy, with Pete's help, together with various Coates students, and returns to Perdido Beach to fight Caine. Meanwhile, Drake abducts Lana, as he thinks she can help him get his arm back after Sam had burned it off during his escape from Coates Academy. They reach a creature known as "The Darkness" (also known as the gaiaphage) down a mineshaft which uses Lana's power to give Drake a whip-like tentacle for an arm giving him the nickname "Whip Hand". He returns to Caine, who learns how to escape "the poof", and they attack Perdido Beach. Sam and the Coates hostages, as well as Quinn and Edilio and others defend the town. Orc, the town bully who was clawed by coyotes and turned into gravel in nearly every place except his eyes and mouth, turns on Drake and fights him. Sam and Caine fight, but they suddenly see a manifestation of their mother, Connie, who invites them to return to her. Both boys refuse, and Caine is forced to retreat. Later, Albert Hillsborough organizes a Thanksgiving dinner for the town and Sam encourages them to stick together. Meanwhile, following the coyotes, Caine is introduced to the Darkness.


Lies is set several months after Gone. The town is run by a council, headed by Astrid. Zil's anti-freak Human Crew have taken over a small section of Perdido Beach. Orsay, who has the mutant power to see people's dreams, claims she can see the dreams of the children's parents. She is dubbed "The Prophetess" and holds nightly rituals to give children messages from their families. Orsay is helped by the mysterious Nerezza, who urges Orsay to continue to use her power and tell children to "step-out" when they turn fifteen. A young girl, Jill, is beaten due to some people's knowledge of her powers (she can transfix people by song, a Siren) and falls into an empty grave. Sam discovers her and is told by Edilio that she was in the grave of Brittney, who died in Hunger. Sam learns of Brittney's empty grave and of Orsay's rituals, but he does not tell Astrid this during the next council meeting. Astrid discovers this and she and Sam argue; they break up. Astrid tells the council to claim that Orsay is lying and leading them to suicide, as they believe "stepping-out" results in death . The townsfolk learn she has lied and lose faith in the council. It is revealed in a side note that the outside world is attempting to break the FAYZ barrier and that all the adults from inside the FAYZ are alive. Children who "step-out" at fifteen appear outside the barrier in the normal world. Meanwhile, on an island far out to sea, several children attempt to survive in the abandoned but well-stocked mansion of their adoptive celebrity parents. Caine, Diana and the remaining Coates academy students struggle to survive and resort to cannibalism. They hear of the island with the mansion and plan to steal boats from Perdido beach undetected, to go to the island to find food. Caine makes a plan with Zil who riles up a mob and sets fire to a large section of the town at night, creating a diversion and allowing Caine to reach the Marina undetected. Sam attempts to stop the "Human Crew" but fails. Sam and many others believe they have seen Drake, who is believed to be dead. Unsure how to proceed, Sam leaves Perdido Beach. Zil wished for chaos to ensue after the fire, but, instead, calm prevails. Astrid announces a set of laws and steps down, knowing she will no longer be trusted. Drake then appears and Zil uses the opportunity to cause anarchy, before panic ensues as most of the townsfolk flee to the highway and the beach. Dekka confronts Zil, and the Human Crew leader dies of his injuries upon being dropped from her anti-gravity field. Little Pete, who has been playing on his GameBoy (which has been out of batteries for months), is revealed to be controlling events in the FAYZ through the game, and it is hinted that Pete himself is the Gaiaphage, which was not killed in the last book. Nerezza eventually attempts to kill Pete but fails when Astrid intervenes. Nerezza is an avatar of the Gaiaphage, created by Pete, who manipulated Orsay. Mary, who is turning fifteen, intends to "step-out" and lead all the daycare children off a cliff, convinced that killing them will cause them to reappear alive outside the FAYZ. Dekka suspends gravity and rescues the children, but Mary "steps-out". In the chaos, Little Pete's GameBoy is broken. He screams, causing the energy barrier surrounding the area to disappear for a brief second. Astrid and many others see the normal world beyond, but Pete regains control and the barrier reappears. The Gaiaphage is revealed to have been attempting to use Brittney's immortality and Lana's healing powers to bring Drake back from the dead, sharing the same body as Brittney. Sam returns, fighting Drake long enough for him to turn into Brittney. Unable to kill her, Sam decides to lock Drake / Brittney away with Orc as their jailer, as he experiences no pain at being whipped by Drake. Caine, Diana and the two remaining Coates children reach the mansion island and meet the five children there. Throughout the book, many characters have fallen sick by a flu-like disease, foreshadowing events in Plague.


Perdido Beach is now run by Albert, whose introduction of money and paid labor to the town has placed him in a position of considerable power. Water supplies are running out and Albert sends Sam with Dekka, Jack and Taylor on a mission to find a new water source, Lake Tramonto, on the far side of the FAYZ. Meanwhile, an infectious plague leading those who catch it to almost certain death is spreading in Perdido Beach, for when catching it, one begins to cough up his own lungs. All are instructed not to leave their homes to stop the spread. On the way to the lake, Sam's group encounters Hunter who was banished from Perdido Beach. He has become infested with parasitic bugs, which have begun to eat him from the inside out. After revealing that he was unable to use his powers on himself, Hunter tearfully begs Sam to kill him, believing the bugs to be his punishment for being bad (accidentally killing someone). Sam agrees, but Hunter's death releases bugs that cannot be killed by Sam. A coyote then leads them to the creatures that are causing parasitic insect infections. The group attacks the creatures, but Dekka becomes infested with insects in the process, even though Sam burned off her shoulder in order to protect her. When near the lake, Sam and the others find a building from a nearby military airbase (the barrier cuts off the remainder of the base) They find a lone boy, Toto, whose mutant power is to tell truth from lie. They also find a train, with valuable supplies of Pepsi and Nutella, as well as Apple devices and lawn appliances and a train car full of handheld missile launchers. Turk and Lance (what remains of the Human Crew) assault Albert and shoot him in the eye. Drake, who has been locked up in a basement escapes, as his guard, Orc, is drunk. Meanwhile, Astrid realizes that she can kill Little Pete and end the FAYZ. Thirsty, Little Pete destroys the top floor of Astrid's house and creates a rain cloud (it never rains in the FAYZ). Once free, Drake travels to the gaiaphage and is met by an army of bugs, who begin to clear the way into the mine shaft. When they reach the lake, Sam and his group are confronted by the bugs. The bugs have grown to the size of SUVs and are being commanded by Drake. The group escapes back to Perdido Beach. The town is in chaos: the plague overwhelms the town and hospitalizes many kids; Albert is attacked by the "Human Crew" and is only saved when his maid finds him near death. The bugs have grown again and Edilio instructs Quinn to row to the island and find Caine, as he has the power to kill the bugs. Caine accepts the challenge, hoping to become king after saving the town. Drake is instructed to bring Nemesis (Little Pete) to the gaiaphage and travels to Coates Academy, where Astrid and Orc are hiding. The bugs arrive in Perdido Beach but Caine and Brianna cannot fight them. Dekka uses her powers to levitate Sam and the train car of missiles to Perdido beach to fight the bugs, but they do not reach the town in time as Dekka is infected with the parasite, and is only saved when Sam cuts her open to kill the bugs inside her. When threatened by Drake, Astrid throws Pete to the insects, who realizes the danger and vanishes both the insects and himself; her hope was that Pete's death would cause the energy barrier to dissipate, which does not happen. Pete is later revealed to be without a body, but alive. Caine attempts to install himself as king of Perdido Beach, but Sam offers to form a community at Lake Tramonto (where the water is drinkable and there are boats campers can get shelter). Around 80 kids decide to go with Sam, along with Diana, who has become sick with Caine's constant need for power, with two-thirds of the population of Perdido Beach staying behind, under Caine's rule. Between these two camps, Lana is granted free access to both places, being the Healer, as well as there being free trade, a condition laid down by Albert. Diana then reveals to a stunned Sam, Brianna and Dekka that she is pregnant with Caine's child. The plague proves to fatal only in one out of ten cases, but many have died.


Pete experiments with his new state of existence by tampering with the inhabitants of the FAYZ, resulting in gruesome deaths as he clumsily changes their DNA. This also causes Taylor to be turned into some sort of a 'plant-mammal' with skin of gold. Meanwhile, Sam's new 'city' at Lake Tramonto is flourishing and all is going fine. Astrid, though, has left her friends at Lake Tramonto, and lives alone now. The energy barrier begins to turn black, gradually filling the FAYZ with darkness. On the outside of the barrier, Connie Temple (Sam and Caine's mother) learns that a small part of the army plans to nuke the barrier. Meanwhile, Cigar accidentally kills a boy in a fight. He is punished by Caine and is sentenced to spend a full day with Penny (who has the powers to make people hallucinate). She tricks Cigar into sucking blood out of his veins and clawing his own eyes out. Cigar is only rescued by Quinn, who hits Penny and later goes on a strike, demanding Penny to be exiled from Perdido Beach. Lana tries to heal Cigar, but his eyes grow in a strange way, and he begins to see the world in a different way, also being able to communicate with Pete. He runs into Astrid, who has run away from the town at Lake Tramonto and is trying to deliver Sam's message (signifying his interest in putting up 'Sammy Suns' or balls of light in Perdido Beach) to Caine. Later, he is killed by mutated worms (or zekes), in a field. Through mental communication with Pete, Astrid learns that the barrier is connected to the gaiaphage. Drake captures the pregnant Diana and brings her to the mine shaft, as per the bidding of the gaiaphage. Diana gives birth to her baby, whom the gaiaphage then inhabits, hypnotizing Brianna (who attempted to rescue Diana) into putting the baby on the gaiaphage. Drake, Diana, Penny and the gaiaphage, now known as Gaia, head to the energy barrier, where they encounter Sam and Caine. Gaia plans to open up the barrier. They battle, killing Penny, and Sam tries to burn Gaia, but she is seemingly unhurt. The barrier becomes transparent, allowing the kids to see the world outside, and vice versa. This causes Sam and Caine's mother, Connie Temple, to see Sam burn Gaia and Penny, horrifying her and everyone outside of the barrier.


The dome around the FAYZ has become transparent, allowing the kids inside to converse with their parents. Some, such as Brianna, are thrilled to have the attention, while others, like Orc, are ashamed of what they have become and pray that the dome never comes down. In the thrill of being able to converse with the outer world, the kids lose interest in their duties, which leads to sending Quinn to the island to get Albert, as he is the only one who can get them back to work. Annoyed at Brianna, Sam and Astrid send her on a mission to hunt for Drake. She succeeds, and scatters the chopped off parts of his body across the landscape, keeping his head in a chest below the boats on Lake Tramonto. Meanwhile, Gaia and Diana are out in the desert, where a rapidly aging Gaia schemes to take out all of the FAYZ residents in order to put an end to Little Pete's powers, who can fight Gaia by inhabiting a person's body, like Gaia. Gaia and Diana also spot two young men on the other side of that barrier, and Gaia concentrates her power on one of the men, Alex, and he pops through the barrier, only to have his arm ripped out by Gaia, who cooks it and eats it. Gaia informs Alex that she is using him as food. Alex is agonized and Diana is stunned, and they nevertheless follow Gaia until the lake. Intending to stop Gaia and rescue Diana, Sam and Caine go on a hunt for Gaia together. Gaia, meanwhile, goes to the town at Lake Tramonto and starts slaughtering people there, killing 'normals' first and mutants later. She, though, is stopped by Brianna and is forced to retreat. Sam and Caine run into her at the Stefano Rey national park, and attempt to stop her, but Gaia, who is alone as Diana has escaped, mentally attacks Caine and escapes. Sam and Caine attempt to run Gaia over with a bus, but she escapes and takes Caine hostage, and leaves Sam heavily injured and unable to do anything. Sam is rescued by Taylor (who was slowly healed by both Sinder, who has the power to make plants grow faster, and Lana, who has the power of healing living things. This also proves that Taylor is now a cross between plant and animal). The kids regroup at the town and discuss what to do next. It is revealed that Gaia, though possessing every power of every living person in the FAYZ, loses that power when the person dies. Sam contemplates whether he must sacrifice himself in order to stop Gaia. Meanwhile, Alex brings Drake's head to Gaia, she kills the man and attaches Drake's head to his body and gives him his tentacle arm back; Gaia attacks the town and kills Brianna. Computer Jack is shot by a stray bullet and killed by Gaia during the battle while trying to save Sam, who was healed by Lana and tries again to stop Gaia and is taken prisoner. With the situation desperate, Caine goes to get Albert's missiles and launches them at Gaia. They hit the FAYZ wall and kill Orc, who was fighting Gaia at the time. Realizing that there is only one option left, Caine invites the spirit of Little Pete to take control of his body, and using it, Little Pete fights Gaia, destroying each other in the process, due to which the FAYZ wall comes down as Little Pete is dead. After the FAYZ wall comes down, Sam has a final encounter with Drake, but Drake dies as when the FAYZ wall opened, all mutant powers, and thus their effects, were gone, removing Drake's head from the body and killing him. The remaining kids reunite with their parents and mourn their losses. Connie Temple (Sam's mother) tells him how Caine and Sam were fraternal twins, though Caine looked more like her husband, and thus gets distant from Sam. Lana visits Astrid and Diana in their hospital, where Astrid decides to write a book on the events. Sam, who is being guarded, makes contact with Quinn and escapes with him. Edilio goes into hiding to avoid being deported back to Honduras, though he is later given US citizenship, as he is seen as a hero in the FAYZ. Edilio gets reunited with Roger at the end. Albert is now in the sights of every major business person in the world, and does an advertisement for McDonald's in Perdido Beach, telling the people that all the graves in the plaza were real. Lana returns to her family in Vegas. To get them out of legal trouble, Caine had written a confession note prior to his death claiming that he was controlling the kids and making them do all of the things that they did, thus taking the blame off the other kids. Astrid decides to write a book, and later, signs off her rights for a movie, starring Todd Chance and Jennifer Brattle, who were living in the FAYZ before the events of Gone, about life in the FAYZ. There, she is reunited with Sam. They have a memorial to all the deaths of the FAYZ, including Orc, Jack, Brianna, Duck, E.Z., Howard, Hunter and Little Pete, with Sam, Astrid, Quinn, Diana, Edilio and Dekka present. The series concludes with Sam and Astrid inviting Diana to come and live with them in their house (next to Quinn's house), paid for with money Astrid had gotten from the 'Toddifer' couple to write her book; she agrees.


Four years after the collapse of the FAYZ, more ‘Anomalous Space Objects’, space rocks (one of which was responsible for creating the gaiaphage), head towards Earth, containing a mutagenic virus that alters the DNA of anyone with whom it comes into contact. It becomes clear that while those who acquired powers within the FAYZ (such as Sam and Dekka) have subsequently lost them, those who were physically mutated (such as Taylor) have remained so. Drake, who was mutated, is revealed to still be ‘alive’ (or undead) and in hiding, while Brittney is now a face protruding from his chest. As the ASOs arrive, they fall into the hands of several individuals, including genius teenager Shade Darby, who was present when the FAYZ fell and witnessed Gaia kill her mother. She uses the rock to become able to morph into an insectoid creature with super-speed (much faster than Brianna), and her new best friend Cruz Rojas, a trans girl with a difficult home life, gains the ability to turn invisible or alter her appearance. Elsewhere, callous artist Justin DeVeere acquires some ASO rock and morphs into the giant crustacean-like beast ‘Knightmare’, destroying an aeroplane and the Golden Gate Bridge. The ‘Rockborn’ are able to transform back and forth between human and mutant forms, and feel themselves continually observed by enigmatic ‘Dark Watchers’ while morphed.

Homeland Security Taskforce 66 recruits Dekka to voluntarily ingest some alien rock, hoping she can combat the new threats. She becomes able to morph into a feline beast with the ability to project matter-shredding energies, and soon learns that the corrupt HSTF-66 has abducted and experimented upon numerous people to build a mutant army. Dekka escapes along with Aristotle ‘Armo’ Adamo, a youth with oppositional defiant disorder given a deranged polar bear-like morph form, and HSTF-66’s leader Tom Peaks is fired by the government, prompting him to vengefully ally with Drake and ingest the rock, gaining a dragon-like form capable of vomiting napalm. Shade and Cruz become fugitives from HSTF-66, along with Shade’s equally intelligent ex-boyfriend Malik Tenerife, and Shade fights Justin, who is captured by HSTF-66. Another ASO is found at sea and ingested by schizophrenic child Vincent Vu, who gains starfish and densovirus DNA, growing to a giant monstrous form able to control reanimated human bodies. Shade, Cruz and Malik ally with Dekka and Armo to get to the sea ASO before Peaks and Drake, leading to a vicious fight interrupted by Vincent, who subdues Peaks before escaping. Peaks’ lava fatally burns Malik, but Shade and Cruz give him some ASO rock in the hope of saving him. Sam provides sanctuary to Dekka and Armo.


Warning Sam and Astrid (who are now married) that Drake is still at large, Dekka secretly provides Astrid with the rest of Shade’s ASO rock, so she can become Rockborn in order to fight Drake. The horrifically burned Malik gains the ability to morph into an illusory version of his unharmed body, at the cost of projecting unbearable pain to other people, and leaving him constantly feeling the Dark Watchers’ attention. Shade, Cruz and Malik invade HSTF-66’s ‘Ranch’ facility, destroying much of the building and freeing Justin and the other mutant captives, and Shade livestreams footage to the internet to expose the organisation’s crimes against humanity. Aspiring comedian and FAYZ survivor Dillon Poe buys ASO rock on the black market and gains a reptilian morph with the ability to control minds. His love interest Saffron Silverman inspires him to try to take over the world, and they stage a terrorist attack in Las Vegas, enthralling hundreds of people and causing mass carnage and murder, but Saffron is killed in the confusion. Dekka and Armo regroup with Shade, Cruz and Malik, and they engage Dillon and his enthralled forces in a battle, discovering he cannot control them while they are morphed. They are joined by Francis Specter, a teenager from a biker gang, who has the ability to turn intangible by passing into a fourth-dimensional plane. As she does not feel the Dark Watchers observing her, Malik identifies her as an anomalous Rockborn that could pose a threat to the Watchers.

The military invades Vegas to stop Dillon, who sends his slaves in kamikaze attacks against them. On his way to Vegas to join the carnage, Vincent is killed by the army. Dillon takes many people hostage and douses them in gasoline. Intending to regain the government’s trust, Peaks travels to Vegas but inadvertently ignites the hostages with his napalm, killing most of them, though Dekka and company are able to save a few. Malik uses his pain-projecting powers to torture Dillon into committing suicide, freeing everyone under his control. Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo and Francis form an ersatz superhero team, the ‘Rockborn Gang’, and Cruz becomes their public spokesperson after she is seen saving a baby from the flames, while Shade and Malik resume their relationship. Meanwhile another ASO creates a giant deep sea whale-crab chimera, which attacks a submarine, resulting in the detonation of warheads aboard. The nuclear blast kills all life within ten miles of Savannah, Georgia.


By now the ASOs have spread across Earth, to the point where most countries are becoming overwhelmed by the emergence of destructive Rockborn. Unable to cope with his role in Dillon’s massacre, Peaks commits suicide. To prevent a particularly huge ASO from obliterating much of the US, the government has nuclear missiles fired at it to break it up, but this still results in many shards hitting New York, killing many and infecting more. A hundred people who were struck with shards of the rock are abducted by the ATF, ICE and FBI, who try to murder all of them, but businessman Bob Markovic and his daughter Simone escape using their morphs: Markovic becomes a gestalt swarm of insects capable of inflicting horrific diseases upon humans while rendering them unable to die, leaving them trapped in unending agony; while Simone becomes able to fly in the form of a blue humanoid with many tiny wings. The power-hungry Markovic, now calling himself ‘Vector’, infects New York’s government and seizes control of the city, recruiting a small army of Rockborn to assist him, including Justin.

Discovering Astrid has become Rockborn, Sam ingests the rest of Shade’s ASO. He becomes able to create domes of various sizes resembling the FAYZ, while she can morph into a Hulk-like form with super strength. Drake ambushes them, but Astrid easily defeats him and dissolves him in acid. Forming an uneasy alliance with the US government, the Rockborn Gang, with Dekka as their official leader, travel to New York to stop Markovic, joined by Simone, Sam and Edilio. Francis strands Justin and some of Markovic’s other Rockborn in the fourth dimension, or ‘Over There’ as she calls it. Markovic tries to reach Washington and conquer the government, but the Rockborn Gang stop him, using nerve gas to kill him. However Shade is almost killed in the battle, while Sam is forced to destroy a bullet train, killing over forty of Markovic’s hostages. Cruz and Armo begin a relationship, and Simone becomes romantically interested in Dekka. A military general helps Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, Francis, Sam, Astrid, Simone and Edilio go into hiding at a secret bunker, and they agree to consider helping deal with other villainous Rockborn.

Over There[edit]

The conclusion of ‘’Hero’’ reveals the truth about the entirety of the universe depicted throughout the nine books. Malik accompanies Francis in a series of excursions to Over There, where he learns, as he and Shade often theorised, that their reality is a simulation created by the Dark Watchers - who are revealed to be a team of MIT scientists in the ‘real world’, which is 26 years ahead of the FAYZ universe. The MIT team is led by the ‘real’ versions of Malik and Shade, who created the simulation based on their own memories. Acknowledging the suffering experienced by the simulants, the ‘real’ Malik agrees to switch off the simulation and end their universe, if the Rockborn Gang unanimously agree. The result of the ensuing vote is not revealed.


Sam "Laser Hands" Temple[edit]

Sam Temple is the main protagonist of the series. Caring, determined, and reliable, Sam is extremely respected in the FAYZ. Sam receives supernatural power in the form of being able to generate light from his hands. This light can either be to illuminate a dark area or as a lethal weapon. Throughout the series, Sam is constantly pushed to his limits physically and mentally. As the series goes on, Sam frequently encounters challenges that he is the only one capable of dealing with, leaving a large sense of pressure on him at all times. Sam is also a frequent adversary of Caine, his twin brother, before the two ally against the Gaiaphage. Sam's nemesis is Drake Merwin, and the two battle many times before the FAYZ falls. Sam is also in an ongoing relationship with Astrid throughout the series. before the FAYZ Sam was a hero after saving the school bus from crashing when the driver has a heart attack he then becomes one of the most important people in Perdido Beach after the barrier appears.

Albert Hillsborough[edit]

Neutral Albert Hillsborough is a fourteen-year-old African-American student in charge of food, water, and work in Perdido Beach. He is considered by many to be the most powerful person in the FAYZ. Known for his wealth and enterprising, he is a true "businessman" despite his young age. Although he is clever and powerful, Albert is selfish and somewhat of a coward. Albert is the inventor of the official currency of the FAYZ. At the dawn of the FAYZ, Albert takes control of the local McDonald's and begins to provide the community with food. As the series goes on, Albert becomes a business tycoon, gathering countless children under his employment. As his power and influence grows, Albert becomes less and less agreeable, making him sometimes an antagonist.

Peter "Little Pete" Ellison[edit]

Neutral Peter Ellison (referred to in the series as "Little Pete") is autistic. The most important individual person in the FAYZ, he is also the one who caused it. He is the brother of Astrid Ellison. He is constantly fighting the Gaiaphage and stopping it from taking over the FAYZ and its inhabitants throughout the series. He stopped a nuclear meltdown in the nuclear reactor as there was "too much noise" while the workers were trying to shut it down, and he took all the adults out of the newly created FAYZ, so he would face no pain or disturbance. He is the FAYZ's "little, ignorant god", as once referenced in the series. Although he can do anything he wishes to do through his power, he is limited by his autism. He is the only being in the FAYZ with mutant powers stronger than Caine or Sam, along with Gaia. The FAYZ wall only comes down when Pete, its creator, chooses to die during the final battle with Gaia. During the series, all the actions he takes are directed only to solve an immediate problem of his, and he does not care for any effects his actions may have on people in the future due to his autism.

Astrid "the Genius" Ellison[edit]

Protagonist Astrid Ellison is the smartest person in the FAYZ. An honor student and a devout Christian, Astrid gained the nickname "Astrid the Genius" before the barrier manifested. Caring, intelligent, and ambitious, Astrid often is behind much of the policy making in the FAYZ once the dome goes up. Her knowledge of politics and science makes her the foremost authority on a variety of issues, making her an extremely important figure in the community. Astrid is also the older sister of Peter "Little Pete" Ellison. Her role as caretaker for him throughout the series takes a constant toll on Astrid. Throughout much of the series, Astrid is in an ongoing relationship with Sam Temple. This relationship continues after the barrier falls.

Caine Soren[edit]

Neutral Caine (born David Temple) is the twin brother of Sam Temple and a primary antagonist throughout the series. Narcissistic, intelligent, and ruthless, Caine seeks power over others and attempts to take control of the FAYZ multiple times throughout the series. Caine gains supernatural powers in the form of Telekinesis. He is one of the most powerful mutants in the FAYZ. Caine is also extremely charismatic and can often trick people into doing what he wants. He has a recurring romantic interest in Diana, which results in the birth of their child, Gaia. Throughout the series, Caine becomes increasingly heroic, ultimately joining Sam in the fight against the Gaiaphage. Caine eventually dies in the final confrontation with the monster and the destruction of the barrier, which is quite sad, as in the series Caine grows as a person, and at the end, finally finds peace with Diana and has a change of heart.

Diana Ladris[edit]

Protagonist Diana is a very influential person in the FAYZ. Her knowledge of how to manipulate people makes her a valuable asset and political ally. Diana often plays the part of both protagonist and antagonist in the series. With an intellect rivaling that of Astrid, Diana knows just what people want to hear and can use them to get what she wants. Diana is gifted a supernatural power in the form of "reading". She is able to read the strength of other mutants within the FAYZ. Although she is unable to tell what their specific mutation is, she can determine the extent of their power and how much of a threat they will be. Starting as one of Caine's henchmen, she slowly starts to try and distance herself from villainy as the series goes on. She is the mother of Gaia Ladris-Soren, the only baby born in the FAYZ. Diana is in a strained relationship with Caine through most of the series, thus motivating her switch between hero and villain multiple times.

Lana "The Healer" Arwen Lazar[edit]

Protagonist Lana is a person of extreme importance in the FAYZ. Gifted with the power to heal any injury, Lana becomes an invaluable asset to the kids of Perdido Beach. Brooding, sulky, and sometimes hostile, Lana views the role of healer to be a burden. Lana is also one of the few to have a profound connection with the Gaiaphage, making it a constant adversary for her. Throughout the series, Lana is seen mostly as a loner and often goes on missions of her own.

Brianna "The Breeze" Berenson[edit]

Protagonist Breeze is a fairly significant character of the FAYZ. Known to be one of Sam's best friends, Breeze has the power to run at supernatural speeds, up to 200mph. She has managed to "kill" Drake Merwin. Breeze is a very boastful yet skilled girl who keeps going through the hardest of times. She dies a gruesome death at the hands of Gaia Ladris-Soren, after Gaia used Sam's killing light and shot Brianna through the heart, killing her immedaitely.

Dekka Talent[edit]

Protagonist Dekka Talent is a fifteen-year-old, tall girl. She is, according to Brianna, curvy although she doesn't "show it off". She does not dress very femininely and prefers to wear what she finds comfortable. Dekka is found intimidating by most of the kids because of not only her power and close relationship with Sam, but also for her strong physique. Dekka is an African-American girl with the ability to 'cancel gravity' from a small area, causing everything in the area to be lifted into the air. She was part of the Coates 'freaks' who were trapped by Caine. She, along with Brianna and Taylor, were saved by Sam. Dekka is a very internal person who does not talk about herself, especially not about her thoughts or feelings. Because of this, people consider her threatening and scary, but she's really not. She claims that being a little scary at Coates Academy isn't a bad thing. She's tough and always there to help, even in dangerous situations. She is a lesbian and has a crush on Brianna. She has been faced with homophobia and racism, but she is comfortable in her own skin. Sam thinks of Dekka as an ally and thinks of her as possible leader of the FAYZ if he dies. In the series, it is discovered that she fancies Brianna, who rejects her. For a while, Dekka and Brianna don't talk due to the awkwardness between the two. She is one of Sam's best friends, and helps him fight against Caine and any other threats. Her full name is Dekka Talent, which is found out later in the series, Sam admitting that he never knew that she had a second name and "thought she was like Beyoncé".

Edilio Escobar[edit]

Protagonist Edilio, Originally from Honduras, Edilio is often central to the running of the FAYZ. Determined, sensitive, and brave, Edilio is one of the toughest people of the FAYZ despite having no supernatural powers. He is the most handy, often knowing how to use machinery, tools, and weapons. He is shown as Sam Temple's right-hand man, and later as his equal, showing extreme loyalty and resolve in the most dangerous of situations. Edilio is often mistaken for Mexican, which becomes a running gag throughout the series. Often uncredited in many of the successful operations in the FAYZ, Edilio is very unassuming and humble. Edilio is also one of the few gay characters in the series, revealed to have a relationship with "The Artful" Roger in the later installments.

Quinn Gaither[edit]

Neutral Quinn was Sam's best friend before the FAYZ. He and Sam love to surf and it is shown that they understand and care for each other. Quinn is an only child and lives with his parents. When the FAYZ occurs, Quinn becomes scared and expresses this through mean and rude comments towards the characters and mainly Edilio. Quinn later betrays Sam and Astrid by telling Caine where they were, leading to Sam being tortured by Caine. Quinn frees him and apologizes, saying that he did not know what Caine would do. Quinn spends the rest of the novel trying to make up for betraying Sam. He plays a big part in defending the Daycare in the Thanksgiving battle. In the second novel, Quinn and Sam grow apart not seeing each other at all until the middle of the book. It is then were Quinn shows a love interest for Lana. He also discovers that you can produce food in the FAYZ by fishing. Quinn then becomes head fisherman in the FAYZ and has a respectable position. He is said to have been well known and respected through the FAYZ as the head fisherman for the FAYZ. He is referred to as 'the Fisherman'. He grew much since the first book, showing in how he stood up to Caine to defend Sam towards the end of the series. In the finale book, Sam calls Quinn for help to break him out of the hospital and Quinn helps him. Astrid said that Quinn has grown a lot from the first book and has become a better person. After the FAYZ ends, Sam, Astrid and Diana move close to Quinn's new house with his mom.

Drake "Whip Hand" Merwin[edit]

Antagonist and the darkest character in the series, Drake is described as a "...smiling, playful, mean-eyed kid", but soon reveals himself to be a dangerous psychopath. Sadistic, vile, and highly immature, Drake begins the series as Caine's right hand. He has a profound disdain for those who were granted supernatural powers, bragging that he could beat any with his will alone. Drake also is the nemesis of Sam Temple, and the two battle many times throughout the series. Early on, Drake pledges himself to the Gaiaphage and receives a gift in the form of a "whip arm", a weapon literally attached to his body. His characteristics include taunting his victims before he attacks and using people's mutations against them. Drake eventually becomes bonded with Brittney, taking advantage of her immortality, the two share a body. Drake switches bodies multiple times throughout the series before being shot by Sam during the final battle and destruction of the barrier. In Monster, it is revealed that Drake did not actually die at the end of the Gone series.

Gaia "The Gaiaphage" Ladris-Soren[edit]

Antagonist Gaia is the daughter of Diana Ladris and Caine Soren (at birth called David Temple). The only baby born in the FAYZ, Gaia is possessed by the Gaiaphage almost immediately after her birth, making her a monster of human creation. Gaia quickly grows into a child and becomes the second most powerful mutant in the FAYZ behind Little Pete. Her malice and affinity for carnage make her an immediate threat to the children who live in Perdido Beach. Gaia gains a supernatural power in the form of "borrowing". Her power is to speak telepathically but she is able to use an ability of any living mutant in the FAYZ. As long as that mutant is alive, Gaia is able to use that same ability. She revels in killing non-mutants and causing as much destruction as possible. Her mission was to kill all the mutants and turn the whole world into... her. The most significant kills she was responsible for was Brianna "The Breeze" Berenson and Caine Soren (who was, at the time, Little Pete's conscience.).

Charles "Orc" Merriman[edit]

Neutral Charles Merriman, more commonly known as "Orc" for his gargantuan size and limited intelligence, is the original school bully in Perdido Beach. Closely accompanied by his friend Howard at all times, Orc begins the series as an antagonist. His lack of fear and empathy cause him to accidentally kill a girl, Bette, with a baseball bat, an act he struggles with throughout the series. Orc receives a supernatural power after being nearly torn apart by Coyotes. His skin is replaced with gravel, making him impervious to pain and incredibly strong. Orc remains one of the few characters to have a redeeming character arc through the series, eventually quoting scripture and protecting Astrid. Orc is killed during the final battle with the Gaiaphage and the destruction of the barrier.

Critical reception[edit]

Reviews have generally been mixed to positive, though many note Gone's success in its intended demographic. Mal Peet, for The Guardian, pointed to the series' "rave reviews, most of them posted on websites by teenagers", though noting that such success stemmed from literary sacrifices that made characters into "crude two-dimensional digitisations".[4]

Amanda Craig, for The Times, noted that Gone was "heavily influenced by TV series such as Lost and Heroes, and described the book as "Clever but a little too predictable."[5] Jayne Howarth, for the Birmingham Post, called Gone "superb" and said she found the book "full of suspense, action and the supernatural. Think of a potent mix of Lord of the Flies, Heroes and Lost and you get an idea of the audience this will appeal to." Describing the pace of the novel as "frantic and frenetic" Howarth summed up: "This is an incredible mystery story, with twists and turns, cameos and protagonists, to keep readers engrossed... Violent in parts, Grant does not hold back at showing the feral nature of humans when faced with a world without order. Unputdownable."[6]

Dinah Hall, reviewing Lies for The Sunday Telegraph, also drew comparison with Lord of the Flies and Lost, and wrote: "While it's never going to make it on to the GCSE syllabus, it definitely has the addictive pull of a cult television series... I would sell my soul for the next installment."[7] Toby Clements, reviewing Hunger for The Daily Telegraph, wrote: "Grant's world is hard-edged but thought-provoking, a Stephen King novel for youngsters in which the children are challenged with reshaping society while fighting off evil. Hunger ought to be required reading for any teenager who thinks adults suck."[8]

Stephen King has also praised the series, writing: "These are exciting, high-tension stories told in a driving, torrential narrative that never lets up. There are monsters, there are kids with mad-crazy super powers, there’s the mystery of where all the adults went. Most of all, there are children I can believe in and root for. This is great fiction."[9]

==Television adaptation Gone as a TV series.[10]


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