Gone with the West

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Gone with the West
Gone with the West FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Bernard Girard
Produced by William Collins (producer)
Written by Monroe Manning &
Douglas Day Stewart &
Marcus Demian
Starring See below
Music by Bob Ross
Cinematography Gerald Perry Finnerman
Edited by Andrew Herbert
Pat Somerset
Release date
2 July 1975
Running time
92 minutes
95 minutes (Netherlands)
Country United States
Language English

Gone with the West is a 1975 American western film starring James Caan and Stefanie Powers, directed by Bernard Girard.

The film is also known as Little Moon & Jud McGraw in Australia and Little Moon and Jud McGraw (American reissue title). It was filmed in 1969 under the title Man Without Mercy but did not find a cinema release.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

Jud McGraw gets out of prison and seeks revenge against Mimmo, a man who wronged him. He meets Little Moon, a woman who also has good reason to go looking for justice.

Mimmo pretty much owns the whole town, including the sheriff, whose sister Billie is also Mimmo's woman. A quick-draw gunslinger for hire, Kid Dandy, plays billiards and helps keep Mimmo safe from harm, at least until McGraw gets to town.



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