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Gong[1] is a Chinese surname. It is the English transcription of a number of different Chinese surnames: 宫, 龔, 共, 公, 鞏, 功, 貢, and 弓. Gong may also be a Korean surname, but this Korean Gong may be the English transcription of another surname Kong (孔).

Surname Gong 龔, 共[edit]

Gong (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: , rank 192 in China), also transcribed as Kung or Kong from Cantonese (Hong Kong and Macao), is the 99th most prevalent Chinese surname listed in the ancient Song Dynasty classic text, "Hundred Family Surnames". In Chinese writing, the character "龚" is composed of the two characters 龙 (upper character, meaning dragon) and 共 (lower character, meaning altogether, common, general, shared, or together).

As of 2002, there are around 1.5 million people with the Gong 龚 surname in China, representing 0.2% of its population.[2] They are most commonly found along the Yangtze River basin, especially in the province of Anhui.


According to one story, the surname Gong 龔 was derived from the other Gong (共). An ancestor of the Gong clan with the surname 共 had to flee from troubles, and change his surname from 共 to 龔 by adding the character for dragon (龍) on top. According to other legends, they are the descendants of a minister of the Huang Emperor named Gong Gu (共鼓), or the descendants of Gong Gong (共工), a minister of Emperor Yao.[3]

The Gong surname may also be derived from the Gong tribe of the Ba state in Sichuan, and during the Han Dynasty there were a number of prominent people with surname Gong from the lower reaches of Jialing River.[4]

Prominent people with the Kong (龔, 共) surname[edit]

Surname Gong 公[edit]

Gong (Chinese: , rank 408 of china), is a Chinese and Korean surname. The other Gong surnames 共, 龔, 鞏, 功, 貢 have disappeared from Korea.

Gong may be derived from china's a two-syllable family names:

  • 公为、公华、公慎、公孟、公之、公父、公冉、公甲、公古、公文、公德、公良、公孙、公车、公金、公都、公建、公山、公祖、公宾、公仪、公输、公敛、公思、公若、公林、公坚、公施、公荆、公仲、公朱、公上、公叔、公仇、公行、公成、公师、公族、公正、公明、公子、公土、公襄、公牛、公玉、公牵、公干、公旗、公丘、公羊、公西、公何、公冶、公巫、公宣、公夏、公析、

Gong + 孫, 羊, 石 are two-syllable surnames from the Zhou Dynasty

  • Gong Yang (公羊) clan from ruler Ji Ye (子野) son of Lu (state)
  • Gong Shi (公石) clan from ruler Ji Ban(子般) son of Lu (state)
  • Gong Sun (公孫) clan from royal Zi Chan(子產, 子产) of Zheng (state)

Surname Gong 鞏, 巩[edit]

Gong (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ), rank 370 in China

Surname Gong 功[edit]

Gong (Chinese: ), Chinese surname

Surname Gong 貢[edit]

Gong (Chinese: ), Chinese surname

  • from add-name Ji Gong(子貢) of DuanMu Ci(端木賜)
    • DuanMu(端木:DyunMuk) clan from Shaohao(少昊)


  • Gong, common form of Kong in Korea.


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