Gong Hongjia

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Gong Hongjia
Born1965 (age 53–54)[1]
ResidenceHong Kong
Other namesKung Hung Ka
Alma materHuazhong University of Science and Technology
  • angel investor
  • businessman
Known for
Net worthIncrease US$11.2 billion (2018)[2]
Board member ofHikvision
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese龚虹嘉
Traditional Chinese龔虹嘉

Gong Hongjia (Chinese: 龚虹嘉; born 1965), or known as his official Hong Kong transliteration Kung Hung Ka,[3][4] is a Chinese billionaire businessman (with Hong Kong permanent resident status),[5] vice-chairman and the second largest shareholder in Hikvision,[5] a security equipment supplier. He was ranked 15 in the Forbes 2017 China Rich List,[2][6] as well as 137th in 2018 Forbes billionaires list in March 2018, with a net worth of US$11.2 billion at that time.[2]

Early life[edit]

Gong was born in mainland China in 1965.[1] He was educated at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.[1][2]


Gong became a trader of electronic goods in Southern China (Guangzhou and British Hong Kong) after his graduation. He emigrated to Hong Kong in 1992,[1][7] 5 years before the handover of the colony to China. He formerly owned radio manufacturer Tecsun[1][8] (now known as Tecsun Science & Technology)[3] and smart card company Watchdata.[1] In 2001, he co-invested in Hikvision[1][7] for 49% stake. However, after Hikvision became a listed company, he sold part of the shares he owned.[7] In 2017, his disposal of shares in that year, making him a sudden rise in the billionaire rank by Hurun Report [de].[9]

Gong also owned Wealth Strategy Holding, which in turn partly owned another listed company Yichang HEC Changjiang Pharmaceutical in 2015.[10]

Gong was also actively invested in the property market of Hong Kong.[11][12]

Personal life[edit]

He is married with two children and lives in Hong Kong.[2]


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