Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County

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Gongcheng County
恭城县 · Gunghcwngz Yen
Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County
Gunghcwngz Yauzcuz Swciyen
Chinese transcription(s)
Skyline of Gongcheng County
Country China
Province Guangxi
Prefecture-level city Guilin
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County (Chinese: 恭城瑶族自治县) is a county of Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of Guilin city.

Yao people[edit]

The Yao people of Gongcheng County consist of the following subgroups.[1][2]

  • Pan Yao 盘瑶 (autonyms: Mian 勉, Longyan 龙岩; also called Pangu Yao 盘古瑶)
  • Pingdi Yao 平地瑶 (autonyms: Muyo 木哟, Bingduoyou 炳多优; exonyms: Bidi 比滴 (Shangong Yao 山公瑶语 exonym), Gan 干 (Guoshan Yao exonym 过山瑶语))
  • Guoshan Yao 过山瑶 (autonyms: Yumian 育棉, Biaoman 标曼, Shimen 史门; also called Guige Lingmuyo 贵格令木哟 by the Pingdi Yao, and Gesuoxi 各索夕 by the Shangong Yao 山公瑶 of Sanjiang Township 三江乡)
  • Sidamin Yao 四大民瑶: migrated from Yongming 永明 (modern-day Jiangyong County 江永, Hunan) during the Qing Dynasty, and consisted of the four Yao groups of Qingxi Yao 清溪瑶, Gudiao Yao 古调瑶, Goulan Yao 勾蓝瑶, and Fuling Yao 扶灵瑶.


Coordinates: 24°50′N 110°49′E / 24.833°N 110.817°E / 24.833; 110.817