Gongsun Gong

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Gongsun Gong
Traditional Chinese 公孫恭
Simplified Chinese 公孙恭

Gongsun Gong was a minor warlord during the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. He was the younger brother of Gongsun Kang and son of Gongsun Du. Gongsun Gong advised his brother to kill Yuan Xi and Yuan Shang and deliver their heads to Cao Cao. After the death of Gongsun Kang, Gongsun Gong inherited the lordship of Xiangping. Cao Pi confirmed the lordship and gave Gongsun Gong the rank of General of the Flying Cavalry. In 228, Gongsun Yuan, the son of Gongsun Kang, took away his uncle's power and imprisoned him. He was released after Sima Yi totally defeated Gongsun Yuan in 238.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Administrator of Liaodong (遼東太守)
  • General of Chariots and Cavalry (車騎將軍)
  • Marquis of Pingguo (平郭侯)

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