Gonos Giotas

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Georgios Giotas (Gonos)
Georgios Giotas' team
Georgios Giotas with Capetan Agras and Lazaros Dogiamas

Georgios or Gonos Giotas (Greek: Γεώργιος "Γκόνος" Γιώτας; Bulgarian: Гоно Йотов, Macedonian: Гоно Јотов; Gono Jotov; 1880–1911) was a Slavophone Greek Macedonian fighter in the Macedonian Struggle from Giannitsa. He was active in the area of Giannitsa, beginning his action in October 1904, initially as a guide in the marshes of Lake Giannitsa. He helped return 6 villages from the Bulgarian Exarchate to the allegiance of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. In March 1905, he joined the first well-organized Greek military group. Next year, he cooperated with Tellos Agras, achieving great successes. From 1908, he started to act with his own military group, in the end of the same year he sheltered in Athens. He was killed in a battle with the Ottoman army at the lake of Giannitsa on 12 February 1911, after a betrayal.