Gonzalo García Vivanco

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Gonzalo García Vivanco
Born Gonzalo García Vivanco
(1981-12-25) December 25, 1981 (age 36)
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Occupation Actor, model
Years active 2002 - present

Gonzalo García Vivanco (born 25 December 1981)[1] is a Mexican actor in telenovelas and a model. He is best known for his participation in the series Soy tu fan,[2] and for having been the antagonist in the telenovela Relaciones Peligrosas.[3]


Gonzalo García Vivanco was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. He has three brothers, Juan Cristobal, Paul Ignacio, Marco and a sister named Natalia.[4] When he was 10 he moved for a year to Seville, Spain, before returning to Guadalajara.[5] He studied at the Liceo del Valle with an option in theatre.[6]


From the age of 19, Garcia Vivanco studied for three years at the Center for Studies and Training Actoral (CEFAC) of TV Azteca, later participating in some of the company's television productions, such as the telenovelas Las Juanas, Soñarás and Un nuevo amor. Later he studied at the school of theater CASAZUL and then decided to go to Madrid, Spain, for three years to continue studying acting.[6] While in Spain, he visited several European countries, worked as a waiter, in public relations and as a model, in order to fund his travel.[7]


Year Title Character Notes
2003 Un nuevo amor Pablo de la Vega Montoya Supporting cast
2004 Soñarás Pablo
2004 Las cinco caras del amor Juan Ignacio
2009 Verano de amor[8] Mauro Villalba Duarte Main protagonist
2010 Ojo por ojo[9] Arcangel Barragan Youth Protagonist/Co-Protagonist
2010-12 Soy tu fan Diego García
2012 Relaciones peligrosas[10] Juan Pablo Reyes "JP" / Daniel Arámbula / Gael Sánchez Main antagonist
2013 La Patrona [11] Luis "Lucho" Vampa Co-protagonist
2014 Los miserables Pedro Morales Special participation
2014-15 Tierra de reyes Flavio Gallardo Protagonist
2017 Las Malcriadas[12] Diego Mendoza Protagonist
Music video
Year Title Character Notes
2011 Eres un mamón[13][14] Music video by Amandititita
¡Corre![15] Eduardo Music video by Jesse & Joy


Year Work Company Character Director Theatre
2008 La Lámpara Verde[16] Teatro Barlovento Juan Campesino Teatro Julio Prieto
Trainspotting[17] Compañía Gabriel Retes Gabriel Retes Teatro Julio Prieto


Awards and nominations
Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2009 Premios People en Español Best Actor / Actor Youth
Verano de Amor
2010 Premios TVyNovelas Best Young Actor Nominated
2012 Premios Tu Mundo The Bad More Good
Relaciones Peligrosas
Premios People en Español Best Villain Nominated[20]
2013 Miami Life Awards Best Villain Actor Telenovela Nominated[21]
Premios Tu Mundo Best Supporting Actor
La Patrona


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