Gonzalo Macías

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Gonzalo Macías
Years active1536-?
EmployerSpanish Crown
Known forSpanish conquest of the Muisca
Quest for El Dorado
Spouse(s)Juana Moreno de Figueroa
ChildrenLeonor and Juana Macías de Figueroa

Gonzalo Macías (c. 1509, Calamonte, Extremadura, Castile – ?, Tunja, New Kingdom of Granada) was a Spanish conquistador who participated in the expedition from Santa Marta into the Muisca Confederation that was led by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada from 1536 to 1538. He settled in Tunja, formerly called Hunza, as seat of the zaque.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Gonzalo Macías was born around 1509 in the Extremaduran town of Calamonte. He married Juana Moreno de Figueroa, who was also from Calamonte, and the couple had two daughters, Leonor and Juana Macías de Figueroa.[2][3] His daughter Leonor Macías de Figueroa married conquistador Pedro Luis de Sanabria, who was active in the conquest of Venezuela under Jerónimo de Ortal, and also served under Sebastián de Belalcázar in Ecuador and southern Colombia.[4] Juana married Francisco Salguero with whom she founded the Santa Clara Monastery in Tunja in 1573, the first clarissan monastery for nuns in the Americas.[5]

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