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Coordinates: 37°40′58.1″N 77°53′3.5″W / 37.682806°N 77.884306°W / 37.682806; -77.884306 Goochland County Public Schools is a school district which serves Goochland County, Virginia, United States. It is based in Goochland, Virginia. The superintendent is Dr. Raley


The district operates the following schools:

  • Byrd Elementary School
  • Goochland Elementary School/Specialty Center
  • Goochland Specialty Education Center
  • Randolph Elementary School
  • Goochland Middle School
  • Goochland High School

In November 2009, the district's superintendent posted an FAQ on its website about the potential effects of budget cuts on services. It noted that some things, such as maximum class sizes, are mandated by state or federal law or policy, but other things including athletics are not. "Right now, everything that isn’t mandated or required by the state or federal government is being considered," the page said.[1]

In September 1994, then superintendent Harold Absher went on voluntary leave from his position under unclear circumstances.[2]


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