Good-bye My Loneliness (album)

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Good-bye My Loneliness
Good-bye My Loneliness album.jpg
Studio album by Zard
Released March 27, 1991
Recorded 1991
Genre Rock
Length 25:48
Label B-Gram
Producer Daiko Nagato
Zard chronology
Good-bye My Loneliness
Mō Sagasanai
Singles from Good-bye My Loneliness
  1. "Good-bye My Loneliness (song)"
    Released: 10 February 1991

Good-bye My Loneliness is the debut album of Zard[1] released on March 27, 1991 under the b-gram label. In 1991, b-gram released this album in cassette tape and CD format. In 1993, B-Gram Records re-released this album only in CD format (code:BGCH-1003).[2] The album reached #34 rank in the first week of release. It charted for 45 weeks and sold 254,000 copies.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics by Izumi Sakai except track 3 and 5 (Daria Kawashima).[4]

No. Title Music Arrangers Length
1. "Good-bye My Loneliness" Tetsurō Oda Masao Akashi 4:35
2. "Ai wa Kurayami no Naka de" (愛は暗闇の中で) Seiichirou Kuribayashi Hiroshi Terao 4:42
3. "Koi Onna no Yūutsu" (恋女の憂鬱) Daria Kawashima Masao Akashi 3:34
4. "Oh! Sugar Baby" Seiichirou Kuribayashi Takeshi Hayama 4:20
5. "Onna de Itai" (女でいたい) Daria Kawashima Takeshi Hayama 4:30
6. "It's a Boy" Seiichirou Kuribayashi Masao Akashi 4:36

In media[edit]

  • Good-bye My Loneliness: theme song for drama "Kekkon no Risou to Genjitsu"


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