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Good & Fruity is a multicolored, multiflavor candy with a similar shape to Good & Plenty. Unlike Good & Plenty, Good & Fruity contained red licorice. It was produced by Hershey Foods.

Before 1992, all Good & Fruity candies contained the same-flavored red gummy center, relying upon the hard candy shell to provide the different flavor according to color. Sometime around 1992, however, the formula was changed and the candies' interiors became color & flavor-coordinated with the outer shell to give the candy a "fruitier" taste.

Good & Fruity appeared to be out of production for some time, but returned to the Hershey Foods lineup in March 2008. The third recipe is different from the original and 1992 versions; the newer recipe is closer to a jelly bean and does not contain red licorice. The name has also been changed; it was originally "Good n' Fruity", with the new name containing an ampersand instead of "n'". The candy also now contains the following flavors: lemon, lime, cherry, orange, and blue raspberry.