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Good Earth Tea
Industry Tea distribution
Founded 1972
Headquarters Santa Cruz, CA
Products Teas & herbal teas

Good Earth Tea is a tea and herbal tea company.


Founded in 1972 under the name Fmali Herb Company based in Santa Cruz, California, it was one of the first American herbal tea companies during the early 1970s. In the late 1970s it began to develop trademark teas for Good Earth Restaurants,[1] and launched Good Earth teas in tea bag form to the California grocery market in 1988. Since their inception, Good Earth Tea quickly became a countrywide favorite with the introduction of Sweet & Spicy, a signature blend of sweet and warming herbs and spices. Good Earth Tea has since evolved to include a wide range of teas made with natural ingredients and span all sorts of varietals, herbs, botanicals and flavors.

Good Earth was acquired by Tetley US Holdings Limited in October 2005, and is a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages.

In January 2011, Tata Global Beverages shut down production of Good Earth in Santa Cruz, putting 47 people out of work, and moved the operations to New Jersey.[2]

In 2011 & 2012 Good Earth Tea launched the "Tag, You're It Contest", a nationwide contest offering fans a chance to submit an original, thought-provoking quote to be used on the tea tags of the brand's flavorful blends.

In November 2013, Tata Global Beverages rebranded Good Earth to diversify it in the competitive tea market. The new "Untamed Tea" brand message and marketing strategy redesigned the brand's Web site, launched extensive social media outreach and celebrity chef partnership.[3] It also included new flavors with new taste profiles, some with Stevia, and discontinued older flavors. In January 2014 Good Earth Tea collaborated with celebrity chef Elizabeth Falkner from Bravo's Top Chef. Chef Falkner's adventurous palate led to the creation of recipes infused with Good Earth Tea. Facebook fans had an opportunity to enter the "Taste The Tea Untamed Sweepstakes" for a chance to meet Chef Falkner and embark on a culinary excursion.[citation needed]

Good Earth produced over 40 different blends of tea, now concentrating on 14 unique teas. Good Earth teas are available in natural and organic varieties.[when?]


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