Good Morning Revival

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Good Morning Revival
Studio album by Good Charlotte
Released March 27, 2007
Recorded 2006
Studio Armoury Studios and The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, B.C.;
NRG Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California
Length 44:55
Producer Don Gilmore
Good Charlotte chronology
The Chronicles of Life and Death
Good Morning Revival
Greatest Remixes
Singles from Good Morning Revival
  1. "The River"
    Released: January 4, 2007
  2. "Keep Your Hands off My Girl"
    Released: February 23, 2007
  3. "Dance Floor Anthem"
    Released: June 30, 2007
  4. "Misery"
    Released: December 7, 2007
  5. "Where Would We Be Now"
    Released: May 20, 2008

Good Morning Revival is the fourth full-length studio album by Good Charlotte and the follow-up to the 2004 release The Chronicles of Life and Death. It is the first album to feature Dean Butterworth on drums, who joined the band in March 2005 after former drummer Chris Wilson departed in 2005. Billy Martin has mentioned in an interview that Benji Madden came up with the name for the album.[6] This style can be heard in the album's third single, "Dance Floor Anthem", which is the most successful song on the album by debuting at No. 2 on the Australian charts and reaching No.25 on the Billboard Hot 100.[7] It is the final album by Good Charlotte to be released through Daylight Records; they subsequently signed a deal with Capitol.


In April 2006, it was revealed that the group were writing a new album. The group mentioned that they would work with Don Gilmore, who produced the band's first album.[8]



The band mentioned that they created over 60 B-sides for the album. Only three of them were released as bonus tracks on Good Morning Revival bought in certain stores. They also mentioned that they weren't happy with most of the tracks so they made more. Most of the songs that made it on the album were songs they made last. On May 1, 2009, Benji Madden posted "No Communication" on the Good Charlotte official website stating that it was a song they made while working on "Good Morning Revival".[9]


The album's original release date was June 2006, but was pushed back numerous times before confirmed on the band's website. On Good Charlotte's website, Benji Madden posted a video and announced that the song "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" would be posted on the band's MySpace. The song premiered September 22, 2006 online and it became available to hear at the band's MySpace account and at the official Good Charlotte website. Later, a video for the song was posted in the band's MySpace page on October 26, 2006. The release was pushed back to October. Originally, guitarist Billy Martin mentioned on his blog on the band's website that the album would hopefully be out for Christmas 2006, after which it was pushed back further to February 2007.

Lead singer Joel Madden said in an interview with MuchMusic that the album release has been pushed back once more to early March 2007.[10] The first single from the album, "The River", featuring Avenged Sevenfold's lead singer, M. Shadows and guitarist Synyster Gates, appeared online January 4, 2007. In January 2007, a special offer to pre-order the album at the Web site—which guaranteed that the first 500 purchasers would get their name in the album booklet—sold out in the first hour.[11] At midnight, on January 23, 2007 the forthcoming record was made available for preorder on iTunes. Preordering on iTunes also provides the exclusive bonus version of "The River", and a music video of an acoustic session of "Misery". An acoustic version of "March On" could be downloaded through the band's provided that you registered as a member. In addition to the tracks listed below, if bought at Wal-Mart, 5 exclusive songs from their Soundstage performance can be downloaded.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 3.5/5 stars[1]
AbsolutePunk (11%)[3]
Allmusic 2/5 stars[4]
Blender 3/5 stars[12]
Drowned in Sound 5/10 stars[13]
Entertainment Weekly B−[14]
The Guardian 1/5 stars[15]
Hot Press 3/5 stars[16]
MusicOMH 4/5 stars[2]
NME 3/10 stars[17]
Robert Christgau (dud)[18]
Rolling Stone 2/5 stars[19]
Sputnikmusic 2/5 stars[20]

Initial critical response to Good Morning Revival has been mixed to negative, with a score of 45/100 points on review aggregator site Metacritic. The New York Times gave the album a negative review, calling it "a mystifyingly inept CD that includes some of the worst lyrics you will — or, with any luck, won’t — hear all year." The Guardian said "Revival is a fourth album of stunning fatuousness." Dr Dave De Sylvia of Sputnikmusic said "Good Morning Revival is inconsistent; downright sinful at times, it contains sparks of brilliance and some very creditable pop moments." Alternative Press said "Good Charlotte have become caricatures of themselves". NOW Magazine said "After years and years of hating every ounce of Maryland's mall-punk icons Good Charlotte, it seems now that the actual trick to enjoying their music on any plausible level is to go into the whole thing with absolutely no expectations. Not even low expectations. Nothing." Entertainment Weekly placed the album at number 4 on their list of worst albums of 2007.[21] However, Billboard was positive of the album, calling it "an album that proves being rich and famous doesn't always blunt a band's creative appetite."

Track listing[edit]

Standard edition[edit]

  1. "Good Morning Revival" – 0:56 (Joel Madden, Benji Madden)
  2. "Misery" – 3:49 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Don Gilmore)
  3. "The River" (featuring M. Shadows & Synyster Gates) – 3:15 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden)
  4. "Dance Floor Anthem" – 4:04 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Don Gilmore)
  5. "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" – 3:25 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden)
  6. "Victims of Love" – 3:45 (Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Don Gilmore)
  7. "Where Would We Be Now" – 3:58 (Billy Martin, Joel Madden, Benji Madden)
  8. "Break Apart Her Heart" – 3:19 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Don Gilmore, Paul Thomas)
  9. "All Black" – 4:19 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Don Gilmore)
  10. "Beautiful Place" – 3:50 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Don Gilmore)
  11. "Something Else" – 3:19 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Don Gilmore)
  12. "Broken Hearts Parade" – 3:15 (Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Don Gilmore)
  13. "March On" – 3:13 (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Don Gilmore)

iTunes edition[edit]

  • All thirteen tracks from U.S. standard edition
  1. "The River" (acoustic version) (iTunes bonus track) – 3:34
  2. Digital booklet of Good Morning Revival

Wal-Mart edition[edit]

  • All thirteen tracks from U.S. standard edition
  • 5 exclusive downloaded tracks from their Soundstage performance.

Best Buy edition[edit]

  • All thirteen songs from U.S. standard edition
  • Bonus track
  1. "Jealousy" (bonus track) – 3:15

Target edition[edit]

  • All thirteen tracks from U.S. standard edition
  • Bonus DVD with GCTV episodes 1-3 and videos
  1. GCTV episode 1
  2. GCTV episode 2
  3. GCTV episode 3
  4. Good Morning Revival
  5. "The River" (music video)
  6. The Making of "The River"
  7. "Beautiful Place" (acoustic video)

This edition is also being sold in Kmart and JB Hi-Fi stores in Australia.

Japanese edition[edit]

  • All thirteen tracks from U.S. standard edition
  • Bonus tracks
  1. "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" (Broken Spindles Remix) (Bonus track) – 4:35
  2. "Face the Strange" (bonus track) – 2:59


Good Charlotte[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]

  • The Incognito Horns — horn on "Broken Heart Parade"
  • Bobbi Page — vocals (background)
  • Carmen Carter — vocals (background)
  • Maxine Waters — vocals (background)
  • Terry Wood — vocals (background)
  • M. Shadows — lead vocals on "The River"
  • Synyster Gates — lead guitar, backing vocals on "The River"


  • Don Gilmore — producer
  • Mark Kiczula — engineer
  • Andy Wallace — mixing
  • Mike Scielzi — assistant engineer
  • Fox Phelps — assistant engineer
  • John O'Mahoney — digital editing
  • Steve Feinberg — management
  • Ted Jensen — mastering
  • David Massey, Evan Lipschutz — A&R


  • Fusako Chubachi — art direction
  • Kristine Burns — photography
  • Marvin Scott Jarrett — art direction, photography
  • Michael Dahan — photography
  • Sheri G. Lee — art direction


The album has achieved spots on album charts in many countries. Good Charlotte have achieved top 10 chart debuts in thirteen countries, making Good Morning Revival their highest international chart positions ever.

Chart (2007) Peak
Argentinean Albums Chart[22] 4
Australian Albums Chart[23] 5
Austrian Albums Chart[24] 4
Billboard 200[25] 7
Billboard Comprehensive Albums[26] 7
Billboard European Top 100 Albums[27] 1
Billboard Top Digital Albums[28] 3
Billboard Top Internet Albums 3
Billboard Top Rock Albums[25] 2
Canadian Albums Chart[25] 2
Dutch Albums Chart[29] 5
Estonian Albums Chart 5
Finnish Albums Chart[29] 1
French Albums Chart[29] 3
Chart (2007) Peak
German Albums Chart[30] 10
Greek Albums Chart[31] 7
Hong Kong Albums Chart[30] 4
Hungarian Albums Chart[32] 3
Irish Albums Chart[33] 3
Italian Albums Chart[34] 32
Japanese Albums Chart[35] 1
Mexican Albums Chart[30] 6
New Zealand Albums Chart[29] 2
Swedish Albums Chart[29] 2
Swiss Albums Chart[29] 7
Taiwanese Albums Chart[36] 5
Thai Albums Chart[30] 8
UK Albums Chart[37] 13

Chart positions[edit]

Note: for all the certification definitions see: Certifications

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format
Japan March 13, 2007 AVEX Trax CD
Ireland March 16, 2007 CD
Australia March 18, 2007 Sony Records CD
Italy, United Kingdom March 19, 2007 CD
Canada, United States March 27, 2007 Epic Records, Daylight Records CD


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