Stanton Street Bridge

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The Good Neighbor International Bridge, commonly known as the Stanton Street Bridge, is an international bridge connecting the United States-Mexico border cities of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua across the Rio Grande (Río Bravo). The bridge is also known as "Friendship Bridge", "Puente Río Bravo" and "Puente Ciudad Juárez-Stanton El Paso". The Good Neighbor International Bridge is a five lane bridge with 4 lanes for south bound traffic and one for north bound traffic. The bridge was constructed in 1967 and is 880 feet (270 m) long. The U.S. side of the bridge is owned and operated by the City of El Paso.[1]


Coordinates: 31°44′53.06″N 106°28′57.78″W / 31.7480722°N 106.4827167°W / 31.7480722; -106.4827167