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Good Things
The Offspring @ Good Things 2018 Sydney.jpg
The Offspring playing on the main stage at Good Things Sydney 2018
GenreHeavy metal, metalcore, alternative metal, alternative rock, and punk rock[1]
DatesDecember 7–9
Brisbane (2018–)
Sydney (2018–)
Melbourne (2018–)
Years active2018–present

Good Things is a music festival held in major cities around Australia. It features a number of international and Australian music acts, from various genres including rock, metal, punk, and emo.[1] At its inaugural festival, the headline acts were The Offspring and Stone Sour. Parkway Drive and A Day to Remember will headline in 2019.


In early-2018, music tour organiser Destroy All Lines announced a new music festival, Good Things. It would become the biggest music festival held in Australia since Soundwave in 2015.[2] The Good Things festival debuted in Melbourne, before playing at Sydney and Brisbane. On 19 November, the New South Wales Police Force issued a statement addressing accusations that they "made it impossible" for the Good Things festival to operate as all-ages in Sydney by imposing "multiple impediments" and charging “exorbitant” policing fees. The next day Destroy All Lines announced that the Sydney festival would no longer be an all-ages event, and it would restricted to 18-and-over. Under-age ticket holders for the Sydney festival were later contacted and given full refunds.[3]

Two weeks before the first festival, Destroy All Lines announced that under-aged ticket holders would have to be accompanied by a responsible adult at the Melbourne festival. The move was met with outrage as festival-goers and parents alike described it as 'unfair', the Brisbane festival had no restrictions and was an all-ages event.[4] At the Sydney show, during Tonight Alive's set a 46-year-old security guard died due to a suspected heart attack.[5]

Good Things confirmed via their Facebook page that they would be back to host a 2019 festival.[6] On 19 August 2019, organisers announced the dates and venues for Good Things 2019. The Sydney venue was changed to Centennial Park to accommodate more people.[7]


2018 logo

The 2018 Good Things festival was headlined by The Offspring playing their 1994 album Smash in its entirety,[8] and Stone Sour. The festival marked Babymetal's first Australian tour, welcoming one of the biggest crowds of the day.[2]

The 2018 festival was sponsored by Nintendo Switch, Marshall Amplification, Vans, Uppercut Deluxe, Dangerfield, Jack Daniel's, Furphy Ale, Captain Morgan, and Smirnoff.[9]



Local acts[10]


2019 logo


  • Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, 6 December 2019
  • Centennial Park, Sydney, 7 December 2019
  • Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane, 8 December 2019



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