Good Things Happening

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Good Things Happening
Good things happening- Brotherhood Of Man.jpg
Studio album by Brotherhood of Man
Released September 1974
Genre Pop, MOR, soul
Length 37:49
Label Dawn Records
Producer Tony Hiller
Brotherhood of Man chronology
The World of the Brotherhood of Man
(1973)The World of the Brotherhood of Man1973
Good Things Happening
Love and Kisses
(1976)Love and Kisses1976
Singles from Good Things Happening
  1. "When Love Catches Up On You"
    Released: January 1974
  2. "Lady"
    Released: April 1974
  3. "Lady Lady Lay"
    Released: September 1974
  4. "Spring of 1912"
    Released: January 1975

Good Things Happening is the first album released by the new lineup of pop group Brotherhood of Man. This lineup consisted of Martin Lee, Lee Sheriden, Nicky Stevens and Sandra Stevens and was to be the main lineup of the group's history and would hold for the next ten albums.


This album was released in September 1974 on the Dawn label.[1] It featured the singles "When Love Catches Up on You", "Lady", "Lady Lady Lady Lay" and "Spring of 1912". None of these found success in the UK, although the single "Lady" was a hit in the Netherlands and Belgium.[2]

During recording sessions for the album in August 1974, member Lee Sheriden came up with a song called "Save Your Kisses for Me". The others disliked the title and reworked it into "Oceans of Love". Dissatisfied with the changes, Sheriden shelved the song and it was ultimately left off the album. The song was later reused the following year.[3]

The album was produced by the group's manager, Tony Hiller. The songs on the album were of a more diverse nature to the pure pop the group would later become famous for, with themes including a song about prostitution ("Lady"), open air sex ("Movin' With Susan") and a real-life tragedy ("Spring of 1912"). Many tracks featured a soul-based sound, although pure pop was present on songs such as "Do-Be-Do" and "Have You Been a Good Boy". Other notable tracks included a cover of The Hollies' "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", which showcased the group's harmonies and was a song they'd performed in their live shows.

A reissue of Good Things Happening was released on Compact disc for the first time in May 2009.[4]

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. "Join the Party" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) (2.52)
  2. "Welcome Sunday Morning" (Hiller / Sheriden) (3.22)
  3. "Lady Lady Lady Lay" (Hiller / Groscolas / Jourdan) (2.54)
  4. "When Love Catches Up on You" (Hiller / Sheriden) (2.55)
  5. "Spring of 1912" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) (2.55)
  6. "Lady" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) (3.25)

Side Two

  1. "Movin' with Susan" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) (2.30)
  2. "Every Day of My Life" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) (3.15)
  3. "Do-Be-Do" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) (2.43)
  4. "Good Things Happening" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee / Poole) (3.35)
  5. "Have You Been a Good Boy" (Hiller / Sheriden / Lee) (3.01)
  6. "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" (Russell Scott) (4.22)

CD bonus tracks

  1. "How Can You Love" (3.09)
  2. "Love's Bound to Get Ya" (3.18)


  • Martin Lee – lead vocals on "Lady Lady Lady Lay", "Lady", "Do-Be-Do". Joint lead vocals on "Good Things Happening"
  • Lee Sheriden – lead vocals on "Join the Party", "Welcome Sunday Morning", "Movin' with Susan"
  • Nicky Stevens – lead vocals on "When Love Catches Up on You". Joint lead vocals on "Good Things Happening", "Have You Been a Good Boy"
  • Sandra Stevens – lead vocals on "Every Day of My Life". Joint lead vocals on "Have You Been a Good Boy".
  • Tony Hiller – producer
  • Colin Frechter – arranger


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