Good Wilt Hunting

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"Good Wilt Hunting"
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 12-13
Directed by Craig McCracken
Robert Alvarez (animation)
Eric Pringle (animation)
Robert Cullen (animation)
Written by Lauren Faust
Story by Craig McCracken
Lauren Faust
Darrick Bachman
Craig Lewis
Original air date November 23, 2006 (2006-11-23)
Running time 44 minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Make Believe It or Not"
Next →
"Cheese a Go-Go"
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Good Wilt Hunting, which first aired on November 23, 2006, is a 60-minute made-for-television film starring the cast of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and probably the first two episodes of the series to be featured in High Definition. It premiered on Thanksgiving.


When the imaginary friends at Foster's are having a five-year reunion with their creators, Bloo and Mac see that Wilt is not with his creator. They ask him where his creator is and ask about what kind of person he is, and Wilt runs away as they pester him with more questions. Soon, Wilt decides to run away from the Foster's home and set things right with a mysterious enemy.

The result is a chase in which Bloo, Mac, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie, Police officer Nina Valerosa (who created Eduardo), Douglas, and Adam (Coco's nerdy caretakers who are madly in love with Frankie) try to bring Wilt home. At every stop, they miss him and he does some good deed and misses whatever transportation he was going to take cross-country to his creator.

When Wilt makes it to his creator's hometown, an imaginary friend with a basketball for a head, who is Wilt's enemy, beats him at a game of basketball for a second time as we learn that Wilt's creator was a basketball player that had become very skilled at the game after training with Wilt. It is revealed through memories and stories that one day a kid from down the block created a new friend, Foul Larry, who beat the two in a basketball game when, instead of blocking Larry, Wilt saved his creator from being crushed by him. This resulted in not only the loss of the game, but also caused his own arm to get crushed (later amputated) and his eye damaged permanently by the bouncing ball. Jordan Michaels, who is revealed to be Wilt's creator, was not angry at Wilt, especially after he was told that Wilt had saved his life. After being reunited with Wilt, Jordan offers to give Wilt fame and live with him in his mansion, but Wilt decides to keep on helping people and wishes to someday become adopted by another kid who would need an imaginary friend like him. However, he is still able to visit his creator when he wants.

The movie ends with Wilt and Jordan playing a lopsided game of one-on-one basketball at Foster's, with Wilt winning predominantly by shooting the ball through the hoop, having it bounce back into his hands, and shooting it again.

A running gag in the movie is that Frankie keeps getting tickets from Nina Valerosa, because of various, and often irrelevant, reasons.


The episode was unveiled by the network in Spring 2006.[1]


The episode kicked off a thanksgiving marathon of the series to celebrate the show's float appearance at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The special attracted 10.5 million unique viewers.[2]

Dave Dunnet, the background designer for the episode, won an Individual Achievement Emmy for his role in the episode.[3]


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