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Goodlyfe Crew
Origin Uganda
Genres Afro Beat
Occupation(s) Musicians
Years active 2008–present
Labels Goodlyfe Entertainment
Associated acts Jose Chameleone, Blu*3, GNL Zamba, Rachel Kay, Mun G, Irene Ntale
Members Moses Radio

Goodlyfe Crew is a Ugandan music group. Its main performers are Moses Radio (born Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo) and Weasel (born Douglas Mayanja). Starting as backing vocalists for the Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone, Radio and Weasel broke off from Chameleone's Leone Island Crew in 2008 to form the Goodlyfe Crew. Since then, the duo's songs have been successful on Ugandan radio.[1] Starting with Nakudata in 2008, the duo went on to release Lwaki Onumya, Zuena, Nyambura and Bread and Butter. In mid-2008, the duo collaborated with other artists such as Rachel Kay, Blu*3, OS, Allan Toniks, GNL and Zambia's General Ozzy. More recently, they have performed live and collaborated with fellow Ugandan artist Keko.


Moses Radio's musical career began at Holy Cross Lake View Secondary School in Jinja, where he was the president of the Youth Alive Club. He composed musical projects for the club that succeeded in inter-school Youth Alive Club competitions. In 2002, Radio went to Kiira College Butiki in Jinja where he had a two-year break in his musical career while he concentrated on his high school studies. He joined Chameleone's Leone Island Crew in 2004.[2] While working as Chameleone's backing vocalist, Radio released his own solos on Leone Island Records. These include Jennifer, Dagala, Wololo and Sweet Lady.[2] Sweet Lady was successful, though Radio's public profile was still quite low. Weasel also released solo projects under the auspices of his elder brother's records, but it was his collaboration with Chameleone on Bomboclat that caught the audience's attention.

Musical style[edit]

Moses Radio provides smooth RnB vocals while Weasel's contribution is a fusion of reggae, ragga and dancehall vibes.[2]

Other members[edit]

Other Goodlyfe Crew members include Chagga, Red Banton Buaman, Allan Kiwanuka and Jeff Kiwanuka, who is also the group's manager.[3] All the members have released solo projects. Gift of Kaddo was also a full-time member of the crew after joining in 2009.[4] However, in November 2010, he decided to leave the Good Lyfe crew and came up with his own group, Kaddo Pharm with Mr X (who died in June 2012).[5] Other members who left the Goodlyfe crew includes Diamond Oscar.[6]

Goodlyfe accusations and collaborations[edit]

In December 2013, the Goodlyfe duo resolved their dispute with their former Leone Island boss and they teamed up again for the first time since their breakup in 2008.[7] This prompted the duo to share the same stage with Chameleone in the Tubonge concert of 2014.[8] Still in 2013 the Goodlyfe icons claimed to have ended their dispute with the Gagamel singer, Bebe Cool, and this was published in the Monitor, a Ugandan newspaper, in an article entitled "Bebe Cool, Goodlyfe reconcile".[9] In March 2011 a new dispute arose in Kampala between the Goodlyfe singers Radio and Weasel with Kenzo. This dispute stemmed over Kenzo's song "Mundeke Numbe"; the Goodlyfe boys claimed that the whole concept of the song and video was copied from their song "Talk and Talk".[10]

In 2009 the Goodlyfe Crew had a massive hit song which they recorded alongside Rabadaba, "Opportunity or Ability". However, it was claimed that the song induced violence against another musician Bebe Cool, especially in Radio's part.[11] In early 2014, Radio and Weasel made a collaboration with a young upcoming star Pallaso and Mess, in the song "Amaaso".[12] In 2011, they produced a song called "Dembesa" with international stars Da TWINZ.[13][14] The Goodlyfe boyz, Radio and Weasel, released another music collaboration with their fellow group member Diamond Oscar in the song "You Make Me cry".[15] Radio and Weasel have also recorded a number of other songs with other artists of Uganda: they recorded a club hit "Tax Money" with Sizza Man, which was produced by their own producer.[16] "Pollination", a collabo with the Obsession, was recorded in 2011.[17] In 2008, Radio and Weasel produced a song entitled "Potential" with the Zambian superstar General Ozzy.[18] The Ugandan duo also did "Take my Heart Still" with General Ozzy, which made their reputation grow in Zambia.[19][20] In 2010, the duo recorded a song with Tom Close entitled "Maama Wabaana".[21] They went ahead with their culture of making music with other musicians as they produced with Desire Luzinda in 2013, systematically they did Hellena with David Lutalo.[22][23]

Battle of the Champions[edit]

In December 2013, Radio and Weasel of Goodlyfe crew got into a musical battle with another music icon, Bebe Cool. The battle was held at Kyadondo Rugby grounds. Tension musically arose in Kampala as the people were to witness who would be the winner of the musical battle.[24] Another music star Chameleone praised the Goodlyfe boys for their performance at the battle of the champions; however, he also praised Bebe Cool for his provence and maturity via Uganda's music.[25] However, the winner of the 2013 battle of champions was still controversial, as there was no clear decision.[26][27]


Goodlyfe Crew have their own production house, Goodlyfe Magic.[28] However, the Goodlyfe crew have several other projects, especially in music production: they have done a number of songs under different music producers such as Washington, Bleas, Swangz Avenue, Bushington and Nash Wonder of Monster, a record label.[29][30]


  • Nakudata Album (2008)
  • Nyambura (2009)
  • Fantastic (2013)
  • Amaaso-ntunga (2014)[31]



Tanzania Music Awards

  • 2010: Best East African Song – Bread and Butter/ Where You Are ft. BLU*3
  • 2011: Best East African Song – Heart Attack Vuvuzela
  • Channel O Music Video Awards
  • 2011: Most Gifted African East Video – This is How We Do It ft. Keko

Buzz Teeniez Awards Uganda

  • 2010: Hottest Group/Duo
  • 2011: Hottest Group/Duo
  • 2011: Hottest Collabo – Mr. DJ ft. Swangz Avenue


In August 2011, good lyfes' Radio and Weasle were nominated in Africa music awards, MOAMA for the group of the year.the good lyfes song Vuvuzela(2010 hit)was in the nominations in the dance hall category.[38]

Radio and Weasel Music albums[edit]

Good lyfe have about six music albums
  1. Nyambura (2008)[40]
  2. Bread and Butter (2009)[41]
  3. Ngenda Maaso (2010)[42]
  4. Talk and Tailk (2011)[43]
  5. Tonjagala (2012)[44]
  6. Fantastic (2014)[45]
  7. Obudde (2014)[46]


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