Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn

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Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn
Directed byLarry Buchanan
Produced byLarry Buchanan
Written byLarry Buchanan
StarringMisty Rowe
Paula Lane
Jeremy Slate
Phyllis Coates
Release date
CountryUnited States

Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn is a film from Larry Buchanan which is a follow-up to his 1976 film, Goodbye, Norma Jean, and starred Misty Rowe reprising her role as the young Marilyn Monroe.[1]


  • Paula Lane as Marilyn Monroe
  • Misty Rowe as Norma Jean Baker
  • Jeremy Slate as 'Mesquite'
  • Joyce Lower as Psychiatrist
  • Ken Hicks as Medical Doctor
  • Phyllis Coates as Gladys Baker
  • George Niles Berry as Masseur
  • Gerry Hopkins as Madison Square Garden Announcer
  • Terence Locke as Ralph Johnson
  • Patch Mackenzie as Ruth Latimer
  • Preston Hanson as Hal James
  • Marty Zagon as Irving Oblach
  • Andre Phillippe as Sam Dunn
  • Adele Claire as Beverly
  • Sal Ponti]as Randy Palmer


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