Goodnow Hall (Kansas State University)

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General information
Type Residential Hall, Academic Building
Architectural style Standard red brick
Address Claflin Rd. and Denison Ave.
Kansas State University
Town or city Manhattan, Kansas
Country United States
Coordinates 39°11.422′N 96°35.148′W / 39.190367°N 96.585800°W / 39.190367; -96.585800Coordinates: 39°11.422′N 96°35.148′W / 39.190367°N 96.585800°W / 39.190367; -96.585800
Current tenants 600 students
Completed 1960
Cost $1,600,000
Technical details
Floor count 6 & Lower Terrace
Awards and prizes 2004-2005, 2010-2011, and 2013-2014 Hall of the Year

Goodnow Hall is a co-ed residence hall in the Kramer Complex at Kansas State University. It is located on the West side of Kansas State's Manhattan, Kansas campus next to Marlatt Hall, on the corner of Denison Avenue and Claflin Road. It has a residence of approximately 600 students, and is renowned for its high concentration of Engineering and Architectural students.[1]


Goodnow Hall was dedicated in honor of Isaac T. Goodnow, one of the early settlers in Manhattan and founder of the Blue Mont Central College,[2] which later became Kansas State University.


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