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Goody Products, Inc.
Industry Beauty & Style brands
Founded 1907
Founder Henry Goodman & sons
Headquarters Atlanta, United States
Products Hair Brushes & Accessories
Parent ACON Investments, LLC.
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Goody Products, Inc. is a brand of hair-styling products owned by Acon Investments, LLC..

Goody Products, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a global company held by ACON Investments, LLC. Goody sells hair brushes, combs and other hair accessories. It won the American Beauty Association’s gold ABBIE award.[1] Goody is considered unique among hair products because of its innovative accessory types. One of the collections Goody offers is the Ouchless collection, as it contains no metal connectors to snag hair. Other collections include the ColourCollection, Fashion Fix, Girls, Simple Styles, and StayPut.[2]


Henry Goodman founded Goody in 1907. Goodman immigrated to the United States from Hrytsiv, Ukraine. He and his sons started the business by selling rhinestone-studded hair combs out of a pushcart. The Goodman business quickly grew and by 1921 their growing variety of products were being sold in the Midwest and throughout the Northeast. The products were sold under the name H. Goodman and sons. A few years later their products were sold nationwide in national variety stores. The company’s growth was directly proportional to the increase in discount stores and shopping centers. As the styles changed throughout the years, so did the products sold by Goody. Goodman’s son, Abraham, went to New York University and earned a degree in accounting and served as president of the company for more than 50 years. He retired in 1977 and H. Goodman & Sons became known as Goody Products, Inc in 1980. The Newell Company acquired Goody Products in 1993.[3] ACON Investments, LLC. acquired Goody Products, Inc. from Newell Brands in 2018.[4]

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