Goodyera procera

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Goodyera procera
Goodyera procera (as Neottia procera) - Bot. Reg. 8 pl. 639 (1822).jpg
1822 illustration from
Botanical Register
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Subfamily: Orchidoideae
Tribe: Cranichideae
Subtribe: Goodyerinae
Genus: Goodyera
Species: G. procera
Binomial name
Goodyera procera
(Ker Gawl.) Hook.
  • Neottia procera Ker Gawl. (1822) (basionym)
  • Leucostachys procera (Ker Gawl.) Hoffmanns.
  • Orchiodes procerum (Ker Gawl.) Kuntze
  • Epipactis procera (Ker Gawl.) A.A.Eaton
  • Peramium procerum (Ker Gawl.) Makino
  • Neottia parviflora Blume
  • Cionisaccus lanceolatus Breda
  • Goodyera carnea A.Rich.
  • Cordylestylis foliosa Falc.
  • Spiranthes parviflora Hassk.
  • Goodyera parviflora Blume
  • Goodyera lancifolia Franch. & Sav.
  • Orchiodes parviflorum (Blume) Kuntze
  • Epipactis parviflora (Blume) A.A.Eaton
  • Epipactis philippinensis Ames
  • Goodyera philippinensis (Ames) Schltr.

Goodyera procera is a species of orchid. It is widespread across much of Asia, including China, Japan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.[1][2]

Goodyera procera is a 20 to 40 cm tall plant with white flowers. It does not creep. Easy to grow under lights, 20 C to 30C. Grows well in an open medium like fine bark. Unlike many other Goodyeras, this one does not have patterns on the leaves.

Taken in Shenzhen China.