Goofy Goat Antics

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Goofy Goat Antics
Directed by Ted Eshbaugh
Produced by Amadee J. Van Beuren
Story by Ted Eshbaugh
Voices by unknown
Animation by Ted Eshbaugh and Pete Burness
Studio Van Beuren Studios
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release date(s) 1931 (est.)
Color process Two-strip Technicolor [1], Black and white
Running time 7 min 47 sec (one reel)
Country USA
Language English

Goofy Goat Antics is a 1931 Ted Eshbaugh cartoon produced by Van Beuren Studios.


The goat is driving his car, which is stuck in a traffic jam behind a fat pig. Goofy manages to make it to the Glee Club, where he and his friends put on a little show.


The film was banned by many theatres because of the scene where the pig exclaims "damn!" after the goat passes him. This film is said to be among the first color cartoons made.