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Google Ad Manager
Initial releaseFebruary 22, 2010; 10 years ago (2010-02-22)
Operating systemCross-platform (web-based application)
TypeOnline advertising

Google Ad Manager is an ad exchange platform introduced by Google on June 27, 2018.[1] It combines the features of two former services from Google's DoubleClick subsidiary, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP; formerly known as DART for Publishers) and DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX).[2][3] Google Ad Manager initially used a second-price auction format, before announcing that it would be replaced with a first-price auction format in March 2019.[4]


The Google Ad Manager platform started out as two distinct products of the, then independent, DoubleClick company: The DART for Publishers ad server and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google acquired DoubleClick in 2007[5] securing both products as part of the sale.

In 2010 DART was rebranded as DoubleClick for Publishers.[6] A small business tier was introduced at the same time and the products became popularly known as DFP and DFP Small Business.

In mid 2018 the product name changed again. This time the DoubleClick brand was dropped completely and DoubleClick for Publishers became Google Ad Manager.[7] As well as a rebrand, this changed marked a point in the gradual merging of the two former DoubleClick products, with Ad Exchange now becoming a feature of Ad Manager rather than a stand-alone product. The rebrand to Google Ad Manager also saw the end of the Small Business label. The product still offers two tiers of service, but the lower tier is now Google Ad Manager, which the upper tier has been renamed Google Ad Manager 360. This product can sometimes be confused with the plural 'Google Ads Manager' more accurately known as 'Google Ads Editor' - software used to manage Google Ads campaigns outside of the web interface.


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