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Google Chart API
Original author(s) Google
Initial release 2007
Stable release February 2010
Available in JavaScript

The Google Chart API is a tool that lets people easily create a chart from some data and embed it in a web page. Google creates a PNG image of a chart from data and formatting parameters in an HTTP request. Many types of charts are supported, and by making the request into an image tag, people can simply include the chart in a web page.

Originally it was an internal tool to support rapid embedding of charts within Google's own applications (like Google Finance for example). Google figured it would be a useful tool to open up to web developers. It officially launched on December 6, 2007.

Currently, line, bar, pie, and radar charts, as well as Venn diagrams, scatter plots, sparklines, maps, google-o-meters, and QR codes are supported.

This API was deprecated in 2012[1] and will be available until April 2015. After that period, it is not clear if Google will keep this API open. Alternative is Google Charts.[2]

Another alternative recently released is Chart URL They make it very easy to generate personalized charts which can be embedded into emails, web/mobile apps, etc.It's very similar to Google Image Charts but uses C3.js and can handle more data via an api call.


The following URL creates the pie chart below:


External Libraries[edit]

Instead of creating the URL request manually, there are many open source libraries available for most programming languages.

Platform Name Website
Java Google Chart API wrapper [3]
Java charts4j [4]
C#/.NET ngchart
Ruby gchart
Python google-chartwrapper
PHP gchartphp


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