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Google Chrome extension
Google Chrome Material Icon-450x450.png
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Available in English
Owner Google
Created by Google and extension developers
Launched December 8, 2009

Google Chrome Extensions are browser extensions that modify the Google Chrome browser.[1] These extensions are written using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.[2] Google Chrome Extensions are downloadable through the Chrome Web Store[3] (formerly the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery).[1] As of February 2010, over 2,200 extensions have been published by developers.[4] All users with a Google Account are able to add extensions after developing them.[5]

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Google Chrome has its own architecture and APIs[8] to build the extensions which requires different code and skills for each extension. Extensions can be created through use of web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.[citation needed]

Nowadays there are development frameworks which allows developers to build cross-browser extensions with only one code base and one API, eliminating the need to develop a different extension version for each one of the browsers.[citation needed]

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