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Google Ventures
Industry Venture Capital
Founded 2009[1]
Founder Bill Maris
Headquarters Mountain View
San Francisco
New York City
Total assets $1.5 billion[2]
Parent Alphabet

Google Ventures is the corporate venture capital investment arm of Google Inc. and provides seed, venture, and growth stage funding to technology companies. The firm operates independently from Google and makes financially driven investment decisions. Google Ventures seeks to invest in startup companies in a variety of fields ranging from Internet, software, and hardware to cleantech, biotech, and health care.[3]

The group was founded on March 31, 2009, with a $100 million capital commitment.[1] In 2012, that commitment was raised to $300 million annually, and the fund has $1.5 billion under management.[2][4] General partners include Bill Maris, Rich Miner,[5] Joe Kraus,[6][7] David Krane, Kevin Rose,[8] Karim Faris, Krishna Yeshwant, MG Siegler,[9] Andy Wheeler, and Blake Byers.[9]

In July 2014, the group launched a $100 million fund to invest in promising European start-ups.[10][11]

Google Ventures has offices in Mountain View, San Francisco, New York City, Cambridge and London.

Services model[edit]

Google Ventures was one of the first venture capital firms to employ the venture capital services model. It provides portfolio companies with access to operational help, after making a financial investment.[12] Full-time partners at Google Ventures work with portfolio companies on design and product management, marketing, engineering, and recruiting.[13] Partners working with companies include designers Daniel Burka,[14] Braden Kowitz,[15] and Jake Knapp,[16] marketing partners Laura Melahn[17] and Jodi Olson, product managers Rick Klau and Ken Norton, and top engineers from Google, including Graham Spencer[18] the co-founder of Jotspot and Excite and Erik Nordlander.

Google Ventures has developed an intensive, five-day design process, called a Design Sprint, which helps startups solve problems quickly.[19][20]



Company Field Date
Pixazza[1][22] Advertising content in web-based pictures[1] 2009-3
Silver Spring Networks[1][22] Smart grid technology 2009-3
VigLink Inc.[22][23] Web link affiliation 2009-6
V-Vehicle[22][24] Green vehicles 2009-8
Adimab[22][25] Biotechnology 2009-10
EnglishCentral[22][26] English language learning 2009-10
Scvngr[22][27] Location-based gaming platform for mobile phones 2009-12
Pomegranate Supermarket[28] Kosher Food Kosher Innovators 2010-15
OpenCandy[22] Software advertising 2010-4
Recorded Future[22][29] Web trends 2010-5
Corduro[22] Payment services 2010-5
Miso[22] Social television 2010-5
Trada[22] Pay per click advertising 2010-7
iPierian[22] Biotechnology 2010-9
Miso Media[22] Music Education 2010-12
LawPivot[22] Online legal services 2011-1
Dasient[30] Internet security 2011-2
Nest Labs[31] Intelligent thermostat 2011-8
Rocket Lawyer[32] Internet legal services 2011-8
Clean Power Finance[33] Residential Solar Finance 2011-9
Yesware[34] Email plugin 2011-9
Enterproid[35] Enterprise mobility management 2011-10
Triptrotting[36] offering travelers local activities and hosts 2012-5
Rockbot (formerly Roqbot)[37] background music and jukebox app for businesses 2012-6
TuneIn[38] Internet Radio 2012-8
Vungle[39] In-app video advertising 2012-5
Smarterer[40] Skills assessment testing 2012-6
Mitro[41] Password sharing 2012-9
DocuSign[42] digital signatures in electronic documents 2012-9[43] Fundraising 2012-9
Clever[44] Education 2012-10
Shape Security[45] Network security 2013-1
Ripple Labs[46] Digital payment system, currency exchange and remittance network 2013-5
Airware[47] Unmanned Aerial Systems 2013-5
Disruptor Beam[48] Social/mobile Games 2013-6
Uber (company)[49] Vehicles for hire 2013-9
mParticle (company)[50] Mobile app data automation 2013-10
Yieldmo[51] Mobile advertising 2013-12
Airseed[52] Consumer intelligence developer platform 2014-2
Namo Media Advertising content for mobile applications 2014-3[53]

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