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Goombay is a form of Bahamian music and a drum used to create it. The goombay drum is a membranophone with one goat skin head held between the legs and played with the hands or sticks.

The goombay name has also evolved to become synonymous with local African-American music related to calypso. In The Bahamas, its most famous practitioner in modern times was Alphonso 'Blind Blake' Higgs, who performed at the Nassau International Airport for many years.[1]

A similar tradition exists in Bermuda, called Gombey.

Goombay is also an alternate spelling for the gumbe, a Jamaican drum (see Music of Jamaica and List of Caribbean drums).


Bahamas Goombay 1951 - 1959 (Frémeaux et Associés FA5302, 2011) [2]

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