Bilbrough Falls

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Bilbrough Falls
Bilbrough Falls
Bilbrough Falls is located in Queensland
Bilbrough Falls
Location South East Queensland, Australia
Coordinates 28°13′22″S 153°17′06″E / 28.22278°S 153.28500°E / -28.22278; 153.28500Coordinates: 28°13′22″S 153°17′06″E / 28.22278°S 153.28500°E / -28.22278; 153.28500[1][2]
Type Cascade

The Bilbrough Falls, also known as the Goomoolahra Falls,[2] is a cascade waterfall that is located within the Springbrook National Park in the South East region of Queensland, Australia.

Location and features[edit]

The falls are located in the Gold Coast hinterland district, near Springbrook.

At the base of the waterfall the moist conditions have created a good habitat for the giant spear lily.[3]

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