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Goon of Fortune is an Australian drinking game between any number of individual people. The name of the game is a spoof on the TV show Wheel of Fortune.[1]

"This game is based on popular game show wheel of fortune [sic]. 1 or more (depending on number of participants) goonsacks are pegged to a Hills Hoist and players sit under the perimeter of the clothes line. A mixture of red and white wines can be used if players are of expert level, [sic] however only 1 variety is recommended for amateurs. A player spins the hills hoist [sic] to start the game and when the clothesline comes to rest the player/s under where the goonbag stopped must drink an amount of goon agreed upon before the commencement of the spin. Players are prohibited to impede the natural spin of the clothesline in any way. Penalties vary on surroundings."[2]

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