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Gopher+ is a forward compatible enhancement to the RFC 1436 Gopher protocol. Gopher+ works by sending metadata between the client and the server. The enhancement was never widely adopted by Gopher servers.[1] [2]

How it works[edit]

The client sends a tab followed by a +. A Gopher+ server will respond with a status line followed by the content the client requested. An item is marked as supporting Gopher+ in the Gopher directory listing by a tab + after the port.

Other features[edit]

Other features of Gopher+ include:

  • Item attributes, which can include the items
    • Administrator
    • Last date of modification
    • Different views of the file, like PostScript or plain text, or different languages
    • Abstract, or description of the item
  • Interactive queries

External links[edit]

Proposed Gopher+ Specification (gopher link)


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