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A gopher, also known as a "pocket gopher" (family Geomyidae), is a burrowing rodent native to North America and Central America.

Gopher may also refer to:


  • Some species of ground squirrels (tribe Marmotini) of North America, particularly those formerly classified as Spermophilus, are informally referred to as "gophers"
  • Gopher snake – common name of several species of genus Pituophis endemic to west or southwest of North America
  • Gopher tortoise (genus Gopherus), distributed in North America
  • Gopher wood, of unclear meaning, mentioned in the Bible as the building material for Noah's ark
  • Gopher Plant or Paper Spurge (Euphorbia lathyris)



  • The SA-13 "Gopher", or 9K35 Strela-10, a Soviet surface-to-air missile system
  • Gopher (protocol), an early distributed hypertext protocol
  • Go gopher, a mascot of Go programming language


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